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How to do Screen Printing

Fuck You, I Love You: The sinister and perverse affections of Loose Teeth Press

Jen Miller Loves Edward Cullen

New Micro Press Publisher Brooklyn’s The Crumpled Press

How to Make Your first Video Game

How to Make a Screen Printing Press

Best Practices for Making your own Show Poster

Post More Bills

Vanity Treasures


Diary of a Times Square Thief

Roadsworth: Crossing the Line

Zombie Girl: The Movie


Swallows — Songs for Strippers (and other professions)

Timber Timbre

These Are Not Oranges, My Love

Eating Fruit Out of Season

On the Lower Frequencies: A Secret History of the City

Impossible Man

Damp: Contemporary Vancouver Media Art

My Winnipeg

Butter Cream: A Year in a Montreal Pastry School

Live Nude Elf: The Sexperiments of Reverend Jen

This One’s Going to Last Forever



Fist of the Spider Woman: Tales of Fear and Queer Desire

Fences in Breathing


The Shanghai Gesture


Heaven is Small

Vishnu Dreams

Leaf Dark Moon

I Am Not a TV!

Finery: Feminist Literary Journal


Child of Saturday

Buckling Knees

Baobabs #1

Alive! The Sideshow Sonnets

When I Was Seventeen


Ganglion #2

Were Stan and Ollie Anarchists?

Vex Magazine #4

Urinal Gum

This Is Why I Live Here #1

That Book of Yours

Sudden Stars

Rigor Mortis #1

On the Mouth

Mrs. Noggle #13 and 14

Manager #5

Misfit # 5

You Can’t Hide an Elephant in an Omelet: Omelet Reviews

Loserdom #19

The Rag #3

Les Carnets de Rastapopoulos #5-7

Fat Grrrlz! #2

E.T.C. #4


Between Homes

Absent-Cause: Duality


The Geofriends

I already know how my life will go.

Mr. Monitor


Jason and the Comics

Deleted Zines

Error State

Zine Philosophy

Introducing Sarah Steinberg

Editor’s Note


Marquez & Company

Dramatis Personae (Characters for a Buddy Movie about Gay-Bi-Transgendered Cops)

Excerpts From The Independent Press:


We Should Make Things

How To:

How to do Screen Printing

How to Make Your first Video Game

How to Make a Screen Printing Press

Best Practices for Making your own Show Poster


DIY 905 Style


Computer Generated Poetry is Cool

Artist Trading Cards

Indie Rock Colouring Book

All in the Family

Gilbert Bouchard, 26 July 1961 – 15 May 2009

Zine Philosophy:

Zine Philosophy

Pictorial Profile:

Pictorial Profile: Tony Nesca