In this Issue:


From Paint to Pixels

Who Killed the Third Person?

The Least Worst Form of Poetry

State of the Craft Economy

Thug Life

An Indie Recession


Long Days, Pretty Nights

Little Gardens for Invalids

Glaze, High Falootin #2

Gladhand #2

Entropy, Part Two

Dresses in the Garden at Midnight

Beasts: Volume 2

Unarmed Journal Zine

Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric

State Prison Generated Mail


Simple Sal

Queen Street Poetry

Nashville Femme

The Moose and Pussy

Calamity Coach

Kazine #6


Cracks in the Concrete: A Journal of Anarchism

Breakfast at Minerva’s

Felt Me, Issue One–Wool Gathering or My Adventures with Felt

Worms #2, XO #4, Lost Kisses #6

Baby Beef Heart Volume 2


I Already Know How My Life Will Go

The Geofriends

Mr. Monitor

Jason and the Comics


Jason and the Comics

Zine Philosophy

Deleted Zines

Error State

The Thing I Was Doing or Not Doing

Editor’s Note


All Tarted Up

Hold Your Hand

Isn’t He Fantastic

There are Two i’s in Wii

Excerpts From The Independent Press:

Wednesday Cooper


Where Have All the Placentas Gone?


Fantasy Beards


No Sleep Till Beta

Fun or Else!

Meditation with Loud Noises

Zine Philosophy:

Zine Philosophy

Pictorial Profile:

Pictorial Profile: Allison Moyer