In this Issue:


New Zine Library in Vancouver

High-Calibre Micropress The first anniversary of PistolPress

Kamstra’s got your Tongue? Talking to the poet about taxes

From Rochdale to Bathurst: The constant evolution of the Cineforum

The Diary of a Zinester in Residence

The People’s Papers The rise and fall of the Canadian tabloid

He Likes To Read Books Written For Girls The gentle observations of Conundrum Press


Demons in the Spring

Saudade: The Possibilities of Place


My Life as a Foot

BFF – Brain Fag Forever!

Lily, a Zine for Writers

Zine Review: Front and Centre

Four Seasons is a Restaurant in my Hometown

Chubby Bounty Hunter


The Revenge of the Lesbian Folk-Singer

The Ninja Punks

Mr. Destructo and Destructo Jr.

Mercy Seat


Birch Control

A Free Comic Book Day Comic

(Sometimes Things Get Confusing When You’re) Mentally Ill

Slacker Sounds

Skin Ego


Samurai Dreams

Peep Zine

Migrant Workers Saved my Life

Nightly Zine


Leeking Ink

Rocket Robin Hood

Kiss Off 13

If Destroyed Still True

Chloe Liked Olivia… Stories about Female Friendship

Molly the Popsicle: An Existential Tale about the Absurdity of Modern Life

Boyoboy: An Altarts and Culture Zine


Mr. Monitor

I already know how my life will go.

The Geofriends

Jason and the Comics


Jason and the Comics

Zine Philosophy Myself, yourself, etc.

Deleted Zines Digging the dirt on ex-zinesters

Introducing Sarah Steinberg


Theory of the Say-Koh-Bich

Little Wite Squirel Angel

Some of This is True

Excerpts From The Independent Press:

Some Short Notes on Lessons I have Learnt by Listening to Motörhead

Cheque Files

Old Man Smell

I Tend to the Tail End


Craig Atkinson


Rockin the Oven One man’s mission to play kitchens everywhere

The Story of Stylus

subTerrain Reaches a Milestone

Is Ottawa’s (Very) Small Press Fair Facing Extinction?

Colour me Porno

State of Georgia The enviable career of a young zinemaker

You Down with 911? The Emergency Response Unit will have you apoplectic with literary concern

Gardening on Mars with Laura Barrett

Zine Philosophy:

Zine Philosophy Myself, yourself, etc.

Pictorial Profile:

Pictorial Profile: Fletcher Pratt