In this Issue:


The Chainbreaker Bike Book: A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance

The DIY Wedding: Celebrate Your Day Your Way

Marketing Your Own Book: An Author’s Guide

Do-It-Yourself Screenprinting

UGLY: An Instant Spoken Word Chapbook

This pace between us

Scrivener Creative Review

Renovations in the House of Mirrors


Misunderstandings Magazine

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet


Hercules By My Side

Her Breathing Next to Me: a poetry EP

glengarry notes: march break


Delete: Imagined and Real

Barkey Always Barks


Weak Species

Publick Occurrances


Have A Nice Mystery

The Flip Side

Drawings of David Smith’s Sculpture

The Day is Gone

Crab Boy: Year of the Crab

Animal Lover

Xploited Zine

Very True


treasure maps


NDN Uncensored

Lickety Split

Jelly Cake: Blueberry Marinade (the bonus issue)

Indy Mum

I am the flame; I am Mexico


The Hell’s Half-Acre Herald

former fetus

Eaves of Ass: The Music Issue

Edmonton Social Justice, Activist Contact & Resource Handbook

Fat, Fifty, and Punk

The Amazing Adventures of Mr Cocoa and Crappy Dog

Some Poems by People I Like

Cereal Boxes and Milk Crates: Zine Libraries and Infoshops are NOW

Bipedal, By Pedal: Experiences and Thoughts around the Critical Mass Bicycle Movement!

Alien Sloth Sex


Camp Zombie