In this Issue:


Online Indie Culture Survival Guide

Defining Independence in the Digital World

Get Up for the Download

Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam

Weighing the Web

I’m Feeling Unlucky

Paper is Boring. Comics are Awesome.


Mime Massacre

Key Lime Pie

The Tragic Story of Nling

Sweet Strangers

Eat the Parents

Zombie Jesus

Please Stand By


Nightmare Detective



Photocopied Heart

Matt Vinyl

Identity Theory

The Great Small Fishes

Double Dare Press

Beyond the Pale

Anxiety Culture

Various Artists, You and Yours

Sandro Perri, Tiny Mirrors

The Cuds, The Taste of Crow

The Vulcan Dub Squad, The New Designers

BabyOil, The Invisible House

Percy Farm, The End’s in the Beginning

Various Artists, The Acrustic Age, Volume 2

Various Artists, TEA Volume 9

Various Artists, Stomp Atlantica Compilation

Various Artists, Out-014 Music in a Box/Crate Compilation

Chris Yang, May All Yr Children Be Dragons

Wakefield Brewster, da lyrical pitbull

Wait Think Fast

The United Steel Workers of Montreal, Kerosene & Coal

Silver Speakers

Signe Miranda

Sally Shapiro, Disco Romance

The Russian Futurists, Me, Myself and Rye

The Pointed Sticks, My Japanese Fan

A Northern Chorus, Chained to the Truth

Mr. Plow, Chairman Plow’s Little Red Book

The Micronite Filters



The Lonesome Valley Singers, Corpse Circus Revue

Lightning Dust

Leper Collective/Flesh for Frank, Of Toasters and Burnt Toasts/Computer Generated Shit Noise Attack

Usra Leedham, The Architect’s Wound

Joe Lapinski, Sundries

The Lady Racers, Here and Now

Kids on TV, Mixing Business with Pleasure

HRSTA, Ghosts Will Come and Kiss Our Eyes

Himalayan Bear,…Attacks the Brilliant Air

Fun100/Paper Lanterns

Feu Thérèse, Ça Va Cogner

The Doers, Gaiety

Chromeo, Fancy Footwork

Vic Chesnutt, North Star Deserter

Cap’n Cops/Todi Stronghands, The Smokin’ Split

The Bicycles, The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly: The Interactive DVD Board Game

Baby Control, Best War

Amos the Transparent

12 Stones, Anthem for the Underdog


Home of Sudden Service


The Work of Days

Wheelchair Dancer

The Animal Bridegroom

The Alphabet Game: a bpNichol reader

The N.B. Crew: Warm Meals, Cold Bodies, Hot Lead

All Over Coffee

The Great Hopeful Someday

Reel Asian: Asian Canada on Screen

God Laughs When You Die

Long Story Short

The Journey Prize Stories 19

Isolated: Two Plays

The Girls Who Saw Everything

A Fine Ending

Thirty-Three Convoluted Solutions to The World’s Simplest Robbery

Spectral Horse Poems

Sparks & Fusion

Rhythm & Breath

Misunderstandings Magazine

Misunderstandings Magazine

Hermana, Resist: The Poetry Collection

The Toca Loca Project

Tales of Modern Tragedy



Nine Drawings


Flatland: The Launch

Estrus Comics: Kiss & Tell

Entropy – good neighbours


Big Fucking Deal

Yo’ Mama

Yard Times

Xerography Debt

Underwater Cigarettes



Swoon Saloon

Plastic Knife

Placebo Jane

Paping #16


Machine Gum

Man with Broken Leg


Crack the Sky: La Biennale de Montreal 2007


Blue and White and Door


Automatic Robotics

BCSFA zine

the muse cycle. a love letter. in annual installations.


Deleted Zines


Small Game Hunter

Excerpts From The Independent Press:

The Mariah Trilogy

Scientific Facts


Today I’m…


Toronto’s New Graphic Novel

Montreal’s New Graphic Novel Store

Mining Memories, Telling Tales

Busting at the Zines

Welcome to the City of Craft

Pictorial Profile:

Pictoral Profile: The Participatory Culture Foundation