In this Issue:


The New Crypt

Lloyd Kaufman: True Independent

Diary of a DIY Horror Shoot

Daughter of Horror

Getting the Most Blood for your Buck

Spook it Up!

The Undead Go Underground



The Steamroller

The F-Word

The Summer of Hate

Grave Concerns


Fall of Autumn


Acid Logic

No Quarter: An Anarchist Zine About Pirates

A Dress A Day

The Groovy Age of Horror

Donovan Woods, The Hold Up

Innes Wilson, ha

The Wednesday Society, Making New Friends

The Vores, Moment of Uncertainty

Various Artists, We Are More

Various Artists, Rheostatics Tribute — The Secret Sessions

Various Artists, Friends in Bellwoods

Various Artists, Poem for Peace in Many Voices, volume 1

Green Go

Ghostbitch, Cassette

Sandy Foster, Caramelize

Finger Eleven, Them vs. You vs. Me

Mike Evin, Let’s Slow It Down

Elbow Beach Surf Club, Self-titled

Dinosaur Jr., Beyond


The 2007 Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology

Municipal Mind: Manifestos for the Creative City

Generation What? Dispatches From The Quarter-Life Crisis

Going Postal: Rage, Murder and Rebellion: From Regan’s Workplace to Clinton’s Columbine and Beyond

Monster Island Three

Next Exit Volume 1

Why Can’t I Be Normal?

Vampire Royalty: The Rebellion

Teddy Bear Cannibal Massacre

Tattoo This Madness In

The Milk Chicken Bomb

It’s Too Late to Say I’m Sorry

Badass Horror

In and Down

Hiding Out

Families are Formed Through Copulation

Delible Fiction

The Convictions of Leonard McKinley

All In Together Girls

The East Village INKY Travel



Cerebral Parade no 3

Jesus the Non-denominational Robot no 1


The Adventures of Dat Williams: Episode 1

Ulik: le petit phoque

Agricola St.’zine

I Remember These Places When They Used to Exist

Fake Life

ryan fitzpatrick’s bad shit!


Murderous Signs

At some point after you’ve looked up

the awkward alligator

Last Legs #1, The Grandpa Issue

Prevailing Nonsense


Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet

From Idle Hands The Devil’s Work

The Year Of The Kaet: Confessions of a Bohemian Sellout

I Really Stepped In It This Time

A Danger To Themselves and other mini comics

Criminally Yours

Splattered Earth


The Continuing Misadventures of Gurgle MacLeod

it’ll happen

Prisoner Of The Clockwork Cannibals!

Little blue world

Shebytches: What It Means To Be A Bytch!

Big Fucking Deal


Goldstein on Goldstein: Animals, Nature, God and Goldstein

Deleted Zines: Digging the dirt on ex-zinesters

Editor’s Note

Zine Philosophy Gender and the horror genre


Tipping the Scales

Randal Isaac’s Suicide

Flame Retarded

Things I Don’t Remember

Excerpts From The Independent Press:

The Haircut

Smile, Hon, You’re in Baltimore

Summer Ink

Location: California

Girls, Women, and Enjoyment of the Horror Genre


The Photography of Matt White


Getting Regional in the Red Shed

Prairie Jaunt

Product of the Issue, Zombie Portraits

Down, Under Ground: Sticky and Aussie Zine Culture

Hell on Roller Skates

Tales from the TCAF

Zine Philosophy:

Zine Philosophy Gender and the horror genre