In this Issue:


Fight Club: The Book You Crew

The Patterns of Jamie Travis’ Filmmaking

20 Independent Videogames You Should Play

Playing Dice with the Devil: What happens when the BP staff meets a pile of board games

Pieces on the Urban Gameboard: Is urban gaming a revolution or just a mindless exercise?

Indie Gaming Revolution: Indie games and the rise of DIY mod culture


Radiant City

True Love


Memories of Earth Sex and Sadness Murder and UFOs

Hymn Video Sine Vol. 1, # 1 and 2

Richard Kerr: Industrie

American Hardcore


Clickable Culture

Game Tunnel Magazine


Big Pants/jugglin

Monster Brains: Links to Monsters and the Fantastic



Various Artists, Alberta: Wild Roses, Northern Lights

Roger Dean Young & the tin cup

Vangel, Music Postmodern Eros

Subhumans, Canada

Rae Spoon & Rodney DeCroo, Trucker’s Memorial

Kelly Rose, The Purgatory Demos

Rock Plaza Central, Are We Not Horses?

Pan Out, Now

le Nombre, Scénario Catastrophe

Minibloc, carton-micro-recreation

Amy Millan, Honey from the Tombs

Maniac Mansion, Pizza Time Theatre

Malajube, Trompe-L’oeil

Lake Holiday, The Curse of Sunshine

Jon-Rae & the River, Knows What You Need

Great Aunt Ida, How They Fly

Dave Gould, The Passion Of Bobby Bedeque

Clay George, Cherry Bank Hotel

Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People, The Friendly Rich Show

Fifth Hour Hero, Not Revenge… Just A Vicious Crush

Feuermusik Goodbye, Lucille

Eux Autres, Hell is Eux Autres

Sunny Duval

D.O.A., Bloodied but Unbowed

Comme Un Homme, Libre

Champion, Chill ’em all

Cities in Dust, Night Creatures

Brandon Paris Band, On My Own

Philippe B

Kate Ashby-Craft, Love Is All There Is


Gilded Lilies: Comics and Drawings


Nog a Dod

Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow


Cigarette Salad

First Comes Love

Stranger in My Skin

The Emily Valentine Poems

Mazo de la Roche: Rich and Famous Author

In Our Own Voices: Learning and Teaching Toward Decolonisation

Putting the Pieces Together: The Graffiti Model for Indie Filmmaking


The Watermelon Social

Bottom Bracket

The Age of Cities

Suburban Pornography and Other Stories

Men are all Murderers and Women are all Whores: a satire

Game Quest

There is a danger

Q is for Treason 10: Exploring British Columbia Ghost Towns

Sukiyaki Sunday



Ooh La La Illustrated


The Lions 4

Lil Akira

Jobgoblin #1

Home (i)


Cinema Sewer

The Autobiographies of Bucky Fleur Exhibit Catalogue

Zygote in my Coffee, Issue 1, Spring 2006

Vacancy for Satan and Seven Others: Short Fiction

Two Stories

Twaddle #1

The Tortoise

Stop Here on Red Signal

Work, Dirt and Money

This Zine is Called Shut the Fuck Up!

Hate Song


Generation Exploitation

Function Magazine

Fashion Projects


The Almost Maine Street News

Hermana, Resist 6

Lollypop Shoved Up My Ass


Chronically Canadian


Delete: Fear and Phobias Issue

Dog Dayz

Forest Through The Trees

Penelope and Abacus

Aisle 7


Pussy Power

Kiss Machine

Silly Faggott

Peg Leg

Lumpy Discharge / Nixon Comics

Black Shapes

Pear Girl Zine

i need you so i can be me

Still Spring


Deleted Zines

Editor’s Note

Zine Philosophy



The Minutes

Hands Held at Religious Angles

Excerpts From The Independent Press:

Hipster Bingo


Five Simple Steps To Greater Joy in This World of Sorrow


Making it in Comics: The Game


Overdue Journals

And the Doodlers Shall Collectively Doodle

Fists of Steel

Play by Mail Games

Islands Fold: An Island for Zine-Makers

A Different Kind of Letter Writing Campaign

Gallery in the Attic

Pictorial Profile:

Pictoral Profile: Misha Glouberman