In this Issue:


Bad Bands and Good Career Moves

The Trickle Down Gourmet Prepares a Hogtown Recycling Feast

Edible Artistry

Food Hacking

Food For Thought

All-You-Can-Grow Buffet


Still Life

The Future of Food

World Traveller Adventures


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Rick Raxlen, Animator and Social Commentator

Automatic Vaudeville Studios: Your Hi-Class DVD Volume Two


Vegan Porn


Fall of Autumn

Hush Trish Kelly: food and secrets from east Vancouver

The AntiCraft


Cryptome Eyeball Series

Pink Tentacle

Various Artists – Zombie Night in Canada, Vol. 2

Various Artists – See You on the Moon

Various Artists – Rythmo Tropicale: Noises de Isla de Montréal

Various Artists – Jamaica to Toronto: Soul, Funk & Reggae 1967-1974

Various Artists – Cavalcade of the Scars

Voxtrot – Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives

Spymachine Sixteen – The Soap from the Soapbox Makes My Dirty Feet Slide

David P. Smith – Striving for a New Tomorrow

Shulz – What Apology

Polidicks – Mutenation

Pointed Sticks – Waiting for the Real Thing

The Pickups – CD, Beautifully Misguided Records

Sandro Perri – Sandro Perri Plays Polmo Polpo

Pernille – Fire

Orillia Opry – Padio Haliaetus

The Northern Arm – The Winter Music Project

No Means No – All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt

My Sister Ocean – Beautiful Failures

My Dad Versus Yours – After Winter Must Come Spring

Mirobolus String Trio – Scrambling the Surface

Tolan McNeil – There Will Always Be a Salesman

Lullabye Arkestra – Ampgrave

Lansing-Dreiden – A Sectioned Beam

Lampshade – Modern Behavior

Knucklehead – The New Black List

Joel and the Last of the Neighbours – Antidote

Intercon – AAAAAA

Andrew Hanna – Without Blinds

Max Groadie – Cobras that Fight in Space

Ghost House – Departures

Fuck the Facts – Stigmata High-Five

Flotation Toy Warning – Bluffer’s Guide to the Flight Deck

The First Day – 2000-2003

Andre Ethier – Secondathallam

Edison Woods – Nest of Machines

The D’Urbervilles

Chrystal Donbrath-Zonga – The Park Sessions

Angela Desveaux – Wandering Eyes


Dark Blue World

The Daggers – Tear It to Pieces

Comet Gain – City Fallen Leaves

Eric Chenaux – Dull Lights

Kat Burns & Forest City Lovers – The Sun and the Wind

John Brooks – No Mean City

Bradley – Pink Pill Program

Black Bear

Bedtime, Sleepyhead – The Dangercat EP

Avec Pas D’Casque – Trois Chaudières de Sang

The American Devices – 25th Anniversary

Four Hundred Words

Writing Life

Whatcha Mean What’s A Zine? The Art of Making Zines and Mini Comics

Strange Ghosts

Shall: Ghazals

A Curious Beatitude

Pas de Deux

Home of Sudden Service

Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture

Tacoma Narrows

radiant danse uv being



Abandon the Old in Tokyo

Your Love is Murder, Or the Case of the Mangled Pie

Destiny’s Telescope and Other Stories

Artificial Light

The Uninvited Guest


Drag King Dreams

Satsuma Sun-Mover

We Were Writers for Disastrous Love Affair Magazine

All Sleek and Skimming: Stories

Day Shift Werewolf

Smoothie Queen


Samurai Dreams

Diet Chocolate Soda

Community Insurrection


erinsborough exploits & exploitation

Community Insurrection

Gordo’s 2010 Olympic Reign of Terror


The Positive Vegan

Kimagure na Dowa no Hon (a storybook of whimsy)

The Secret Files of Captain Sissy



Underwater Cigarettes



Summer in the Suburbs


28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine

Songs of the Lefties

Five Simple Steps to Greater Joy In This World of Sorrow

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet

Lowbrow Reader of Lowbrow Comedy

Does this feel like home yet?

Modern Carpentry

The Hell Passport Project

underworld crawl


Lickety Split

SMUT Magazine

Turtle Shoes


Ripe, A Vegetarian Cookzine

Worn Fashion Journal

The Elephant and the Little Giant

Elegy Ritten in an Orl Nite Café


You Live For the Fight When That’s All You’ve Got

Kung Fu Grip!

Your Puffy Ships Are Sinking

Power Machine

If Death Comes…

Stab & Root, A Conversation Piece

Estrus Comics


Goldstein on Goldstein

Editor’s Note

Deleted Zines

Zine Philosophy



Excerpts From The Independent Press:


Recipe for Disaster

An Army of Shy

Letter From the Editor

Your Rotten, Truth Spouting Face

How To:

Food Hacking


TRADE: Queer Things (1999-2006)

The Fat Femme Mafia

Living off the City

Art That Won’t Be Boxed In

Good Gentrified Grub

Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta

Cut and Paste…And Go to Jail?

Lockpick Pornography

Zine Philosophy:

Zine Philosophy

Pictorial Profile:

Pictoral Profile: Alexa Clark