In this Issue:


It’s Not Your Fault, Honey

Inhabiting the Margins

Online Accessibility

Geek Sleepover

Nuclear Testing

Radical Mamas and the Naptime Revolution


One Revolution per Minute


Futurisms: Film, Architecture and Urbanisms

Heavy Metal Jr.

Milking and Scratching: Hand Made Films by Naomi Uman

Oh My God

The Legend of Buck Kelly

Winnipeg Babysitter


Our Own Priv@te Bin Laden

Museum of Contextual Amputations

Subliminal White Trash Blog

Patently Silly

The Grocery List Collection

Ze Frank

Secret Fun Spot

Pigeon Blog

Various Artists – Zombie Night in Canada, Vol. 2

Various Artists – See You on the Moon

Various Artists – Cavalcade of the Scars

Trike – The New Album

Paula Toledo – Stay Awhile

Tokyo Police Club – A Lesson in Crime

Sunset Rubdown – Shut Up I Am Dreaming

Kinnie Starr – Anything

David P. Smith – Striving for a New Tomorrow

Shulz – What Apology

Chris Sheppard – Loud Ass Mother Fucker

Oliver Schroer – Camino

The Saint Catherines – Dancing for Decadence

Polidicks – Mutenation

Pernille – Fire

Herald Nix – Soul of a Kiss

Kevin Mitchell – All the Way

Lampshade – Modern Behavior

Kyra and Tully

Knucklehead – The New Black List

Households CD – Various Artists

Hinterland – The Picture Plane

Andrew Hanna – Without Blinds

Max Groadie – Cobras that Fight in Space

The First Day – 2000-2003

The Field Register – Tire & Caster

Feu Thérèse

Femme Generation – Brothers and Sisters, Alone We Explode

The Farrell Brothers – This is a Riot

The Doers – Watcha Doin’?

Morgan Doctor – Is This Home

DOA – War on 45

Destroyer – Destroyer’s Rubies

Rodney DeCroo – War Torn Man

The Creeping Nobodies – Half Saboteur EP

Comet Gain – City Fallen Leaves

John Brooks – No Mean City

Bradley – Pink Pill Program

Carla Bozulich – Evangelista

Black Ox Orkestar – Nisht Azoy

Barzin – My Life in Rooms

Ronnie Artur and his Orkestrio – Get This!

Ahleuchatistas – What You Will

The Salivation Army Black Book

Against the New Authoritarianism: Politics after Abu-Ghraib

The Unconscious Civilization

Doris Book: an anthology 1991-2001

Users Guide to a Blank Wall/Mode d’emploi pou un mur vide

Lemon Hound

Canada Post

Creamsicle Stick Shivs

Wide Slumber For Lepidopterists

Jukebox Music


The Theory of the Loser Class

The Big Book of Wag

Attitude Maximum Security

A Nut at the Opera


Miss Lamp


Whatever Happens

The Immaculate Conception

No Margins: Writing Canadian Fiction in Lesbian

Beauty is a Liar

Honey I’m Home

Songs of the Lefties

Mary Duh

The Extraordinary Life of Michael Elvidge

Barrel House

Symbol Title

Zine Workshop

The Gospel of Screenprinting

The East Village INKY

Mother Verse: A Journal of Contemporary Motherhood

You Idiot


Wendy Magazine

We Are the Bytches

Unorthodox Tips for Riding the TTC

Trunk Stories

Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric

Super Deformed

The Scrap Paper Review

pore zine

The North Yorker

I Hate This Part Of Texas

The Happy Loner

Good World

Electric Mayhem

The East Village INKY

Dance Of the Skeletons

Cash Cow

Pressed Between the Pages

Taking the Rest of the Week Off


Editor’s Note

Zine Philosophy


do i look like i’m smiling?

Too Much Mean Me

Excerpts From The Independent Press:

Songs of the Lefties

Road Trip

Sharp Shooter

Country of Origin


How To:

How To Come Out to Your Parents (as an avant-garde artist/writer)



The Urban Beast Project

Playing with Scissors

My Dad is the Chief of Police

Anarchy In Utero

Zine Philosophy:

Zine Philosophy