In this Issue:


Photo and the Blog

Kino = Cool

Atwood for Indies

The Urbanity of Suburbia

Sidewalk Culture

Indie Cartography

Neighbourliness and Industry in Montreal’s Underground


The Winking Circle

Novel Amusements #5-Games and Shames

Golden Showers on Dundas Square

Drawing Restraint 9

King of the Corner

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

Montreal New Cinema Festival

Czech Dream

White Strings

Lost Frog

The ChickenFish Speaks

The Technosexuality FAQ

Laughing Squid

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog


Wooster Collective

Game Tunnel

Experimental Gameplay Project

Cute Overload

Various Artists – I’m Somebody Too

Chris Yang – Devil in the Clock

Tony Wilson – Horse’s Dream

David Wall – The Spell I Was Under

Tricky Woo – First Blush

Runcible Spoon – Raincoat Lake

Ben Rogers – The Dawn of a New Error

Proeliis Fere

Paper Moon – Broken Hearts Break Faster Every Day

Oldseed – When You Laugh the World Laughs With You, When You Cry You Cry Alone

The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema

Immaculate Machine – Ones and Zeros

The Hoa Hoa’s – Flower Flowers

The Grey – Asleep at the Wheel

Alex Gomez – Metallic Blue Electric

Glissandro 70

The Frontier Index

Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People – We Need a New F-Word

The Corduroy Kid – The Sleep Project

Nathan Coles Outfit – Twelve Upheavals That Brought the Redwoods to Flight

Dave Clark – Sketchbook #2 / Goofus and the Kitty Eat What They Bake

Bronx Cheerleader – Tough Guy Cliches

The Blue Raincoats

Anti-Hero – Unpretty


Reading the Riot Act: A Short History of Riots in Vancouver


Outside of Ordinary: Women’s travel stories

Dubwise: Reasoning from the Reggae Underground

Creating Anarchy

Drugs are Nice: A Post-Punk Memoir

Growing Up Degrassi: Television Identity and Youth Cultures

I’m on the Guest List

Nerve Squall

The Insatiate

Iron-on Constellations

Switch & Shift: New Canadian Poetry

no cage contains a stare that well

frogments from the frag pool


My Most Secret Desire

Get A Life

Something to Pet the Cat About

Kill the Robot

We Are on Our Own

Whispers the Missing Child

Down Sterling Road

Bonk on the Head


Code White

Ladies of the Night


When I Was Young And In My Prime

The Grammar Architect


Old Weird America: Postcards from a Ghost Town


Nice Boys Club

Misunderstandings Magazine

Funbelievable Times with Goat and Resty

Dreaming With One Eye Open

To Lead Them Away From Him & poetry and prose by iced limb


Silent Slam (the book)



The Morning Light

Jonathan St. James (and the world as we know it)

26 Hot Inspirations (Abcedary)

Violet Miranda, Girl Pirate

Vengeance at Cackling Mountain


Skinhead Slumber Party: A Colouring and Activity Book

Optic Nerve

The Oneida Commune

Lucky Comics

I Really Stepped In It This Time


Heavy Flow

Glass Eye

The Cliff


The Assassin and the Whiner

Action Jaywalker

Your Cynicism is Unbecoming: An honest and true vanity project

Warrior Magazine

Strawberry Cake

One Way Ticket

Oh, George!


Leg Moustache Advisor


Kicking at Clouds: A Winter in Palestine


The Future Belongs to Ghosts

First Fuck

Deviant Recipes

Critical Accident Zone


Confused and How to Milk a Cow

Child That Mind


Ailsa Craig

A Cette Dame

55 Words

28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine

Pants All Night

Misfit Toy


Editor’s Note

Goldstein on Goldstein


Condo Dwellers


The Napoleon Difference

Excerpts From The Independent Press:

The Turtle Neck Blues Boy

I Love You

Password Protection

Old Weird America

How To:

How to Transform Your City


Junk Diary


Artists Crack the Game Code

Spartacus Books Rises from the Ashes

The 48 Hour Film

Subway Anagrams and the Wrath of the Transit System

Subway Efficiency Guide

Park Gallery


Save the Mondragon!