Karen Justl

By Karen Justl 

Karen Justl is an illustrator who is fascinated by the neuroscience of facial expression and emotion. She holds a Master of Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto and a BFA Honors in painting from The University of Manitoba.


Her illustrations have been published in magazines across Canada, including The Mark, subTerrain, Herizons, Pilot Project and Crow’s Toes. Her self-published and collaborative illustration work includes Art Slut Comix (1992), Pear Comix (1993), and The Bird (cage) (2009). In 1992 her comics traveled around Canada in a Fantagraphics show called Misfit Lit. Her series People and Their Problems won a prize and made an appearance in Applied Arts magazine in 2009. She is currently working on a book of mug-shots in Florence, Italy titled How Woeful due out in 2012. artengine.ca/kajustl/index.html





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