Toronto’s New Graphic Novel

By Nathaniel G. Moore

Doug Wright Award-winning novelist and comic artist releases a collection of his mini comics from the 1990s.

“This book is the summation of a huge part of my life,” says Lorenz Peter of his recently released graphic novel Side Effect. “It shows a natural progression in drawing style. I love to see that in other artists work, this book captures it perfectly balancing the art, sketches and comics together,” says Peter. Side Effect is macabre, empathetic, engaging, detailed and raw, romantic and at times hopelessly depressing. (The paper is exquisite as well). Collecting Peter’s work from 1993-2007, the artist says the work came from his immediate environment, and what he calls “the social climate of the moment.” Peter says he was always living in a transient state, “so the stories have a lot to do with restlessness and uncertainty.”


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