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DIY Cosplay: Make your own fantastical armour

It can be intimidating for newbie costume makers and props builders to get in the game. But Drew Eckhardt, an Ontario member of the Mandalorian Mercs costume club, has broken down a handy step-by-step list on making your first fantastical armour. Step 1: Choose what you want to make. Have the right tools, or help, […]

Broken Pencil’s DGAF Guide to Free Summer Fun

Hey you punk kids! Summer is here, we’re ready to have fun and we’re all still broke. Here’s our list of fun, free things you can do throughout the summer that may or may not get you into trouble! 1. Go see your local minor league or pick-up baseball teams and act ferociously competitive. Bonus […]

DIY Gynecology and Radical Self-Care

by Chris Urquhart Interest in DIY gynecology — and DIY healthcare in general — has seen a recent resurgence. Folks are tapping herbal, medical and historical information, remixing and collaborating upon it, and then making it accessible through zines, radical mailing lists or online PDFs. The ethic of DIY gynecology is one of unabashed, legs-splayed […]

How To Get An Arts Grant in Canada

Talking about your just-conceived artistic idea is exciting. You can envision the many places this project can take you. Maybe it’s a book, an album, a theatre show, an exhibit. But after the initial excitement you wonder: How will you fund it? Right. Money. The all-important protein to power your idea from mere words into […]

The Seven Dollar Website

You wanna know where I’m sitting as I write this? In the CBC Broadcast Bunker in downtown Toronto. According to a gaffer-type guy I overheard crossing the atrium, somewhere high above me the very last episode of Mr. Dressup is being taped. Truly the end of an era. And the dawn of another. I’m sitting […]

How to Push Your Political Agenda Using Your Bod

Pasties are captivating. They sparkle and shine. They draw you into a world of bawdy titillation. They give the illusion that the act of stripping is benign and charming. When you see a gal strip down to her skivvies and twirl her tassels you might think it is old fashioned, wholesome fun. Yes, for some […]

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