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Folio: Aanmitagzi

In each issue, Broken Pencil asks an artist to curate Folio — a section highlighting creators working in unexpected media and materials. This edition is curated by Ange Loft, a multidisciplinary performing artist, Associate Artistic Director of Jumblies Theatre and vocalist with Yamantaka//Sonic Titan. Aanmitagzi creates dance, theatre and cross-disciplinary arts with both professional and community […]

Folio: New, unseen work by cherrykuti

Folio is where Broken Pencil brings you new, experimental, and unfinished work by artists unafraid to expand their practice and push against expectations. This issue, we highlight cherrykuti, a Toronto-based artist working in mostly ink and pencils. Her work is inspired by their experience of being split between Dubai, Toronto and Colombo, Sri Lanka, and the […]

Folio: Theodore Ziegler

This excerpt is by Welland, ON-based illustrator Theodore Ziegler. Two years ago Ziegler sent Broken Pencil a long letter detailing his career (he’s an accomplished painter, and also illustrated the cover for the re-release of Mortdecai Richler’s The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.) Ziegler also sent us three utterly bonkers self-published comics he made with his […]

The Runnymede Collegiate Institute Zine Machine 2012

Last year Broken Pencil launched its Zine Machine program: an intensive five-week workshop in zine-making and philosophy developed and led by art editor Melissa Luk and outreach coordinator Annie Wong. The participants, grade 12 students of Andrea Lambert’s Media Arts class at Runnymede Collegiate in Toronto, were immersed in a hands-on, creative incubation period in […]

by Peter Rahul

Working with graphics extracted from some of Peter Rahul’s favourite childhood video games, he nostalgically revisits the simpler time of pixilated graphics. This series of works explore the digital aesthetic of glitches that occur specifically with older 8-bit cartridge format video games. His collages compile graphics which conflict with each other’s sequences, resulting in a […]

When You Escape by Jessica Stewart

The works under “When You Escape” are artist Jessica Stewart’s musings on dreams and those who wander lost in their imagined worlds. Dreams are vast, beautiful, consuming, unstable places built from secrets and fears, desires and damages. They are completely of our own individual constructions, but they are not safe. In an instant, a turn […]

Fantasy Beards

We Are All Animals by Sylvain Cotte

Little Lessons in Safety

Karen Justl

The Photography of Matt White

Craig Atkinson

Junk Diary

Making it in Comics: The Game

DIY 905 Style

Carly Moran


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Folio by Solen Lastennet

Folio: Lover’s Spit Zine