Fiction: A Cheaper Cut

By Malgorzata Nowaczyk WELCOME TO THE CENTRALIZED HOSPITAL DICTATION SYSTEM BEEP ENTER YOUR AUTHOR ID NUMBER 7-8-9-2-3 BEEP YOU MAY BEGIN YOUR DICTATION AT THE PROMPT BEEP “Good morning this is Dr. Catherine Bocian dictating a consultation letter on Ms. Audrey Wilbur to Dr. Arthur Marshfield at Marshfield Neurology Associates St. Paul Minnesota copy to […]

Fiction: Blast-Off

By Don McLellan WHEN asked, Gord would say he was from Haywood, on the upper plains, north of where the river forks. Truth was, he collected his mail in Haywood. It’s where he got hammered most weekends. But he’d always resided outside the town limits. On orphaned parcels of land that, like Gord Bukowsky, didn’t fit […]

Fiction: Coyote in Love

By Phoebe Tsang Juanita, I miss you. Do you remember the time I phoned and asked you to take me back after we hadn’t spoken for six months? This was part-way through my trans-Canada tour with the Seamus Hazelmere Quartet. I’d been hired as rhythm guitar even though I’ve got ten years performing experience on Seamus, […]

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