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Protect Your Neck:
 Think your art has been stolen? Here’s what to do next (and how to keep it yours in the first place)

by: Alison Broverman   Alison Broverman shares some useful suggestions of what to do when you find your creative work has been stolen. You can read Alison’s full article on Indie art getting ripped off here! *Think carefully about sharing your work online in the first place Web comic artist Dami Lee has seen a few […]

The Sad Ballad of Pepe the Frog: When Great Indie Art Gets Ripped Off

by Alison Broverman  illustration by Patrick Burgomaster The internet is a wonderful and terrifying place to be an artist. Anyone can create something, scan it, and put it online for the world to see. If the right people find it, you can develop a community of fans, and maybe even make a bit of money. […]

All Hail the Superqueerdo: Eric Kostiuk Williams’ comic sheroes fight back against condo-fication

by Jonathan Valelly photography by Greg Wong From a hidden lookout point at the top of a glassy, austere tower development in the ever-expanding downtown core of Toronto, a masked evil mastermind explains why the city is the perfect site for a surreal, hyperspeed condo boom. “It’s been almost too easy setting up shop here,” she […]

The Hustle: how indie creators are making it work right now

By Suzanne Alyssa Andrew I always wanted to be an author when I grew up. As a teen I moved 4,000 kilometres away from my hometown on Vancouver Island with two suitcases and a box. I worked like crazy to pay my way through two university degrees, then competed like a champ for writing work […]

Anti-Trump Zines at Pro-Trump Rallies

THE CHALLENGE OF THE ANTI-TRUMP ZINE AT A PRO-TRUMP RALLY by Jason Luther Last April, friends and community organizers in Syracuse, N.Y. were mobilizing — like so many others in the US — to protest an impending Trump campaign rally at our downtown civic center. Leading up to it, they were promoting sabotage tactics like […]

Anxiety Dream Zine

Anxiety Dream Zine Alana Mohamed In the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, New York-based writer Alana Mohamed was plagued with vivid and awful dreams. One night she dreamt that Trump won the election and the world crumbled, leading to all New Yorkers being isolated and annexed into a single borough. She woke […]

To trump Trump, make zines, not war

The Future in Colour: POC Sci-fi Blasts Off into the Multiracial Multiverse

Tampon Run: A Q & A with the creators!

Let It Bleed: The Ebb and Flow of Menstrual Art

Babe ‘bots with brains: Cyborg Sex Surrogate and the new feminist sleaze

Dreams From the Scrap Heap: Celebrating 20 Years of Conundrum Press

DIY In the Farmland: Indie Art in Prince Edward County

Doing It For the Kids: An Intro to Teen Zines

National Resonance: How Drone Took Over Canada’s Underground

Waste Case: The Hardboiled Darkness of Andrew F. Sullivan

Up the Disabled Punx

Is Your Venue Accessible?

No More Fiction: An Interview with Shotgun Seamstress

Access All Areas: Remembering Ninjalicious and Infiltration Zine

Yes, It’s A 20th Anniversary Subscription Sale!

Sneaky, Slimy and Full of Swears: 20 Years of Short Fiction in Broken Pencil

Anatomy of a Cover: Hal Niedzviecki and Issue 15

Label of the Month: Hockey Dad Records

Event Recap: Chicago Zine Fest 2015!

Left of the Dial

Broken Pencil’s 10 To Watch in 2015!

Creative Politics: The Politics of a Press Photo

Tying in Diversity with Twine Games

Gadget Couture: Wearable Tech Springs to Life in Toronto

#28DaysAreNotEnough: Bringing Black History to Twitter

Deathmatch 2015: Meet BookThug!

Rad Labs: DIY Biologists bring creation, experiments, and innovation to the people

Crowdfunding Rules Everything Around Me

Zine Month Zine-a-Day: Le fond de l’air est rouge

Please Mister Postman: Artists and Canada’s Mail Cuts

Queer is Still Here

Kevin Spenst and the Small Books, Big Country Tour!

Event Profile – Vector: Game + Art Convergence Festival 2014

Educating With Zines

Art Under Harper

Kicking Ass and Changing Games

Are We Really Depressed?

Fringe Festivals

Dis-assembly required: The re-related elements of a pre-fabricated world

Norval No More

Rae Spoon: Prairie Fire

Event Profile – Vector: Game + Art Convergence

The Year the Punk Book Broke

Reading Between the Bars

The YA Underground

Indie Won. Now What?

Arrested Artists

Food Not Bands

From Paint to Pixels

DIY Gynecology and Radical Self-Care

Gaming For All: an interview with Anna Anthropy

How To Get An Arts Grant in Canada

Rock Writing on the Pop Treadmill

Interactivity and Censorship On the Agenda for the Web

The Message Is In The Medium

The Work of Emma Healey

Punk-lad Love, Dyke-core and the Evolution of Queer Zine Culture in Canada

The Things We Do For Money – Behind Closed Doors

Not Just For Perverts

Note From Prince George

Blinding Light

Dear E-Diary: Public Confessions and Private Doubts

Everything Falls Apart

Andy Macdonald’s Decomposing Dummy Farm

We Don’t Care What You Say

Raging into Obscurity

Colin Upton — The Transcript

Our Voice is Our Weapon

7 Good Reasons to Get a Shot-Gun and Kill Your Modem

How to Stay Healthy When Nothing Matters

Death: More fun that it seems?

PASTE BOMB 001: Net Losses

See the Theory

Take This Chance

Picture Postcard

Growing up Catholic

Under the Ropes


Miserable Marvelous Holiday

The Seven Dollar Website

For the Love of it

It’s Hip to Buy

What Culture is Made Of

Ready to Catch You Should You Fall

The Essential Aside

Try Not to Think

The Prophecies of Platinum, an Appreciation

From Geek to Teen

Where the Action Is

Radio 3 Witness

Photocopied Politics

Feisty Femmes and Great Guys

Fledgling Montreal Storefronts Distribute the Local Alternative

Action for your Ezine: A Web Dick’s Guide