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Excerpts: Prince zine

Jenn Steffey’s zine, Prince, is full of life, colour, music and celebration. Here are some excerpt pages, and click here for our review.

Excerpts: Animol Zoo

This zine may be a harrowing statement of the “mankind vs. nature” variety. In it, variants of humans assail or neglect variants of animals (“animols”). Pull-aparts are needed. A turtle gets fucked up real bad. And so on. Here are some excerpts from Shayne Cassidy’s Animol Zoo. Read our review here.  

Excerpts: Oona Moon (Episodes 1-8)

Like a silent film, Oona Moon entertains with only the briefest use of language. Here are some excerpts of C. Vandermey’s comic and click here for our review.

Graphic Novel Review + Excerpts: Tongues

Tongues, Chapter 1 Anders Brekhus Nilsen, 48 pgs, self-published, andersbrekhusnilsen.com, $15 A Prometheus-like god, chained to a mountainside, tells an eagle his last dream before the bird slices open his stomach and eats his liver. A boy, with a teddy bear strapped to his backpack, wonders a godforsaken desert, out of food yet filled with […]

Excerpt: BBHMM

Excerpt: Don’t Tell Me to Smile

Don’t Tell Me to Smile Comic, Dana Kearley, danakearley.com, danakearley.com, $5 Women have had it up to here with being told to smile, and zinester Dana Kearley is no exception. In Don’t Tell Me to Smile, she uses intricate drawings of gory women to visualize some helpful responses to catcallers and other obnoxious folks.

Excerpt: All the Badass Girls I’ve Ever Known

Excerpt: Home Zine

Zine Excerpt: Menstruate #2

Excerpt: An Angel Dances in the Capuchin Bone Chapel

Excerpt: Studies in Hybrid Morphology

Excerpts from the Independent Press: It Could Be Worse

Fascinating Folks

The Fox Head

The Artist

Subject: Satanic Groove Suckers

The Suitcase

The Beach

E C Press Release Brussels, Belgium

Beer: What Are You Leaving Behind?

The Rough Sketch of a Pew

Who can ya trust nowadays?

Folding Parties and Other Gap Horror Stories

Kraftg Jonestauin across the Gobi

Excerpts From the Independent Press: New Inventions

Excerpt: The All Citizens Book, Serena McCarroll

The Blaring House by Claire Seringhaus

Why Are You Here?

Toronto vs. Film Crews

Peace, Love and Murder

Atrocities of Fashion: Goatevil



A Shocking True Sex Pistols Story

I Was A Record Store Ho

Long Distance Love



These are the people I picked up on July 31st

My 1st Bike

Jaywalking To Hell

Letter from the Yukon

Don Knotts: Sex Machine or Actor Extraordinaire?

The Catholic Worker Goes Out For Dinner

Interview with Amy, a Sick Punk

Untitled baby-sitting story

Shane=Sex Part 2

Stick Monkey!

Hey Little Girl…Wanna Go To A Concert

Chicken Little Was Right!


The Fall of NeoBerlin

Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon (or, Judy Blume Done Me Wrong)

Montreal: “looks like the future, as imagined in 1973”

Fun-O-Rama interview

Busting Espresso Styles

Interview with the Wooden Stars

The Suitcase

The Music

Precious Moments

The Melody Makers

Music No.1: Aubrey

A Day In The Life Of A (Soon To Be Former) Albertan


A Beach

Army Lore

Money Mart

Whatever It Is, I’m Against It.

u. freakin’ ess.ay.

…she’s a bright girl

The Making of CanCon

I Was A Dominatrix

Canned Stew

Readings: Why Does It Have To Be So Boring?

Understanding the Music Man: Anthropologizing Ashley

Twisted Tales From The Sideshow

Rob Dayton: Vancouver’s Punkest Punk

Seven Spoked Manifesto For Auto-Mobility

The Nirvanas Anthology

Punk Music Causes Teenage Acne!!

My Haunted House

Let Them Eat Rags

Lucky Me

Debbie Rochon: Vancouver’s Very Own B-Movie Queen!

Cat in the House

33 on 22

I Was a Teenage Masochist

The Car Wreck Story


One Month Ago

Penny Poo-Champ

The Urban Beautification Committee

Other Side of the Hyphen

An {E}xperience


T.V’s Not Evil. I Am.

The Cheerleader

Ottawa, 1995: The End of Winter

Burning down the house: Rufus meets Dan