Stick Monkey!

Irene: I did landscaping and gardening.
Steve: Gardening, that was my job too. That’s what’s paying for the fanzine. God bless the plants. So you’ve been around a year…a year and a half?
Irene: Two years. But we were called another name. Whisker Fish. A cop gave us our name.
Kurt: Barry, our old drummer went up to a cop as they were closing down What Gallery. He asked him what should we call ourselves — Blood Fart or Stick Monkey? He said Stick Monkey.
Irene: But he had to think about it.


Irene: Are the Green Day guys young?
Steve: Early, mid 20’s.
Kurt: Why aren’t the Ramones on CFOX?
John: I have a theory: radio programmers are idiots.
Kurt: At least I work on a redneck construction sight, the radio’s always on CFOX, I can hear some good music now.


Kurt: It’s good to hear new music.
John: But they’ll just play new stuff. They won’t play the inspirational stuff, Born to Lose (Johnny Thunders).
Kurt: It’ll be interesting to see bands copy it. We’ll have kids buying new guitars trying to sound like Green Day.
John: But they won’t go back to the roots of it.
Kurt: I didn’t when I was a kid. I didn’t know what influenced the Ramones. It’s just now I’ve found god, Gene Pitney. That’s where they got their stuff from. But as a kid I didn’t care.


Steve: Richie Stotts. He was taken out of an asylum to join the Plasmatics. It might’ve been just publicity though.
John: I think it was publicity.
Steve: I saw Wendy O Williams play in London, she carried her guitarist on her shoulders.
Kurt: Would you carry me on your shoulders? (Irene shakes head) It’s too bad Toque broke up.
John: I liked the guy who’d cook hotdogs and throw them at the audience.
Kurt: Oh yeah, Matt. Vancouver’s had a history of fun bands. You guys sort of started the ball rolling…(Steve’s old band My 3 Sons).
Steve: There were a lot of bands like that then, the Flunkees, Bags of Dirt, Kraft Dinner.
Kurt: The Soreheads. What ever happened to Mr. Sorehead?



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