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Stories from the Deathmatch that Will Mess Up Your Head

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Over the past decade, Deathmatch writers have brought a new level of weird to the world of writing! Unicorns, PBS documentarians, rogue human organs, fur coats, Instagram stalkers, space traveling kittens, cockroach weddings and so much more! Here are some stories that have messed with our heads! SUBMIT YOUR STORY TO THE DEATHMATCH! Tiny Girls by Sofi […]

Deathmatch 2017 is done! And the winner is… P.D. Walter!

WE HAVE A WINNER! After a long month of head to head commotion, playing it nice and thoughtful in the comments, weathering near-constant technical difficulties (yeah, we’re sorry about that… but hey, it added some spice, right?) and establishing clear leads in each round, P.D. Walter and his story “Sick to Death of Stories” have emerged […]

Deathmatch 2017: This Is The End, My Friend

What a long, strange trip it’s been. We started with sixteen stories, which were quickly winnowed down to eight. Eight became four and four became two  and, well, I think you can see where this is going. In a matter of mere hours– 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time, at one second to Midnight, the door slams […]

Deathmatch: The Final Battle Continues!

So it’s come to this. O valiant warriors, who once proudly rode across the digital battlefields, slinging words hither and yon, clashing with commas, periods, seeking to drive that final exclamation point home into the heart– all vanquished now. All but two. Sick To Death Of Stories by P.D. Walter and Failure To Cooperate by […]

Deathmatch Finals Week Day 2 Recap

We are almost halfway through the final week of the 2017 Indie Writers Deathmatch. Currently, P.D Walter’s Sick to Death of Stories is leading in votes, with almost double the amount of Susan Read’s Failure to Cooperate. Supporters of Read – fear not! You can vote once every hour. Have you read both stories left […]

And Then There Were Two.

Would you confess to a crime you didn’t commit? Would you leave everything you’ve known to find yourself? Decide. Vote. Let us know. Deathmatch Finals are NOW. (Title taken from Hege Lepri’s wonderful, inspired poem.)   

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