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Another Kind of Thing you Feel in your Back — Exclusive Fiction by Faith Arkorful

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This new story by Faith Arkorful looks at dogs who seizure and parents who don’t come home. Written by Broken Pencil’s brand new associate fiction editor, Faith is fresh off her undergrad and is already tallying up a thick list of publications. To get a whiff of her style, read Another Kind of Thing you Feel […]

Hot Docs: League of Exotique Dancers

by Richelle Charkot While the Hot Docs crowd was hooting and hollering during this heartfelt exploration of burlesque’s queens of yore, I definitely cried like a little baby (in between my hooting and hollering) at how profoundly badass the women in this movie are. League of Exotique Dancers, the opening night Hot Docs gala film, features […]

Zine Review: Bananas Are Zine

Bananas Are Zine (Vol. 1) Illustration/humour zine, Bananas Are Zine, 14 pgs,,, $3 Pizza jokes. Seinfeld references. Cat drawings. And it’s totally 420-friendly. No, I’m not talking about meme culture; I’m talking about volume one of Bananas Are Zine. I can’t say that I get it, or even like the name very much, […]

Online Exclusive Fiction: “Spin” by Madeleine Leznoff

The heat suppresses the class’s buzz, keeping our restlessness static. The backs of my thighs stick to the orange plastic chair and I imagine my flesh pooling in the pores: spilling into the cracks like caulking that foams and sets. Macy leans forward at the desk beside me to braid Lea’s sheet of white-blonde hair, […]

Tips from the Micro-Press Milieu

In Issue 67, we ran a piece about the micro-press movement. Here are some tips from some of the people we spoke to for those who might be interested in starting a tiny press for themselves! Intertidal Zones from JackPine Press, designed by Lisa Johnson You don’t have to be perfect.  So you’re making small runs […]

Broken Pencil Holiday Special: 2-for-1 Subscriptions!

  Give the Gift of Indie This Holiday Season! 2-for-1 subscriptions for only $15! OMG! Sick of wrapping up boring gift cards and sad appliances for your loved ones during the holidays? Stoke their passion for zines, indie lit, comics, art and general underground weirdness and give a them one-year subscription to Broken Pencil instead! Buy one $15 (4 issue/1 year) […]

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