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Music Review: Noli Timere by Construction & Destruction

Category: Issue 76, Listen Reviews, News, Reviews, Scott Bryson

Construction & Destruction Noli Timere, Independent, Who are they trying to fool, with that title? Noli Timere — Latin for “Don’t be afraid” — opens with what can only be described as horror movie chase music that’s repeatedly interrupted by Colleen Collins screeching “Peace! Agency!” You could call Construction & Destruction’s 2013 album, Dark […]

Music Review: Memorial Ten Count by Jon McKiel

Jon McKiel Memorial Ten Count, You’ve Changed, Jon McKiel is a divided man. He has mellowed considerably over the course of three full-lengths, and often approaches the contemplative territory of the Two Minute Miracles, but he still lingers on the verge of launching into Constantines-like outbursts. On Memorial Ten Count, songs waver between resignation […]

Music Review: Gremlins 3 by B.A. Johnston

Gremlins 3 B.A. Johnston, Wyatt Records, Hamilton, Ontario’s “failed showman on the skids” is still writing about video games, TV and movies, but if this 2017 Polaris Prize-longlisted latest batch of songs is any indication, B.A. Johnston’s life currently revolves around fast food and alcohol (in substantial quantities). Instant classics like “I Need Donair […]

Music Review: Flashes of Quincy by Snowball II

  Snowball II Flashes of Quincy, Doughnut Records, Snowball II — yes, named after the cat from The Simpsons — is the recording project of L.A.’s Jackson Wargo, a prolific newcomer who’s on his third album in a year. A shoegaze label is habitually applied to Snowball II, but it definitely isn’t warranted — […]

Music Review: Record Attendance by Treebeard

Treebeard Record Attendance, Prairie Shag, Most of the tunes on Record Attendance would ably soundtrack the cliffhanger ending of an episode of a teen drama; there’s something malevolent and foreboding in these songs — an unrest lurking under the cover of surf-tinged, angular garage. This the second album of 2016 (and second overall) for […]

Music Review: More by New Fries

New Fries More, Telephone Explosion, This Toronto quartet is all over the map, and there’s no clear indication what the map is depicting. There’s definitely some Kills in New Fries, circa Keep on Your Mean Side, and also some of Calgary band Women’s fondness for throwing you off balance with out-of-left-field noise that sounds […]

Music Reviews: Cool Ghouls, The Magic, The Seams

Stefan Christoff – Duets for Abdelrazik