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Zine Review: When Language Runs Dry

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When Language Runs Dry Zine, #5, Claire Barrera & Meredith Butner, 52 pgs.,,,, $4 (US) plus postage In their fifth issue of When Language Runs Dry, editors Claire and Meredith continue to validate and create space for the expression of experiences with chronic pain. As a partner to someone living with multiple […]

Zine Review: unproductive, now!

unproductive, now! Comic, Issue 1, Robee Sloe, 24 pgs,, $3 In a wonderfully satisfying collection of concise, minimalist, black and white single page comic strips, Robee Sloe demonstrates apparent mastery of the unwittingly self-effacing character — if such a thing is possible. There is page after page of incredible biting humour, with jokes revolving […]

Zine Review: Hello My Name is Frugal

  Hello My Name is Frugal Zine, Anneliese Schoppe, 8 pgs, $5 In the age of side hustles and creative subsistence lifestyles, we are all counting our pennies. Anneliese Schoppe has packed tons of penny-saving tips and good, financially savvy advice into Hello My Name is Frugal.

Comic Review: Rat

Rat Comic, Chelsea Bellrose, 20 pgs., We don’t often consider the mortality we share with our rat neighbors and co-habitants. I suspect they don’t think of it much either. We’re both so busy. Jobs to do, buses to catch, nests to build, pizza to drag through the subway station. And yet from dust we […]

Comic Review: A Trip to the Store for Nosferatu

A Trip to the Store for Nosferatu Comic, Grisso, 32 pgs.,, $3 When you’re a consummate outsider, even the easy stuff is hard. Such is the case for Nosferatu, among the creepiest of classic, blood-guzzling horror characters, who in this story merely craves a late night carton of milk. Grisso’s illustrations are impressive. His […]

Comic Review: Crisis Centre

  Crisis Centre Comic, Ron Hotz, 33 pgs., Comic artist Ron Hotz marks a departure from his webcomic Best Day Evr with this book, Crisis Centre. It is a collection of narratives and illustrations remembering his work as a crisis centre counselor in the 1990s in a downtown Toronto facility, serving survivors of physical […]

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