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Zine Review + Excerpt: Mushroomsss

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Mushroomsss Art zine, Nattee, 8 pgs, @iamnattee, $3 I ran into Nattee at Zine Dream and picked up a few of their zines, attracted by the colourful washi tape binding and the playful linework. Mushroomsss is what you would expect it to be: studies of various fungi, from morels to button caps to ones that […]

Zine Review — Another Round Please: Confessions of a Busboy

Another Round Please: Confessions of a Busboy Comic, Issue 2, Brett Martin, 24 pgs, In this part two of Brett Martin’s Confessions of a Busboy, the talented young illustrator and comic artist channels the whirling chaos of working in a restaurant (especially at brunch!) mixed with clever observations and indictments of Toronto public culture. Each […]

The #MeToo Zine Syllabus

Have a zine you think should be on this list? Email The world may have tried to shut them up, but still, survivors rise, penning their stories of rape, violence, and abuse in an ultimate act of resistance. Here are some of their zines and other helpful resources. They’d Come to Me at Night […]

Graphic Novel Review: I’m Not Here

I’m Not Here GG, Koyama Press,, 104 pgs, $12 “…today we are the living cadaver of yesterday’s lost life.” This musing from the poet Fernando Pessoa opens GG’s graphic novella, I’m Not Here. The quote is functionally an epi-graph explaining the book’s key thematic questions — the body, aging, memory, loss, death. Yet it […]

Zine Review: BBHMM

BBHMM Zine, Aitch Elle and Genevieve Darling, 16 pgs, $5, @notorious_b.a.e. With a name based off of Rihanna’s bumping, never-stale summer jam, this zine has a lot to live up to — and it does not disappoint! BBHMM is a best practices guide for strippers and other adult entertainers, mainly aimed at beginners, from the perspective of […]

Zine Review: Minor Leagues 2 & 3

Minor Leagues 2 & 3 Comic, Simon Moreton, 88 & 68 pgs,, £3–4 Minor Leagues is British comic artist and zinester Simon Moreton’s ongoing zine series. While they don’t necessarily follow any straightforward story or theme, they’re telling of Moreton’s passing whims, reflections, and interests as an illustrator. Moreton has a trademark minimalist style, mixing thick, […]

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