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Broken Pencil Does SPX!

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Patriotism is so passé. That is until you’re deep into the Bethesda North Marriott at the 21st annual Small Press Expo, face-to-face with the cultural juggernaut your puny sense of national identity is constantly comparing itself to. Broken Pencil’s got your CanCon angle from the indie-comics convention floor, asking Canuck creators what it means to […]

#28DaysAreNotEnough: Bringing Black History to Twitter

Photo by Abram Olson This is an excerpt from Issue 66 of Broken Pencil. Buy it the whole issue here. by Jonathan Rotsztain Artist and educator Joel Christian Gill is succinct when it comes to the message behind his work: “It’s not about them people, or those people, but we the people.” It’s a busy Sunday […]

Sappyfest Zine Fair: A Recap

by Jonathan Rotsztain It’s an overcast morning Saturday, August 2 on the Tantramar Marsh as the sleepy zinesters of Sappyfest 9 hit Sackville, New Brunswick’s local legion for the annual Zine Fair. I’m feeling a bit out of it after a rocking night of Ketamines and Kappa Chow at the after-show Shed, but happy out of it. I feel good. I feel […]