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Book Review: Poems by Gerard Legro

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Poems by Gerard Legro, Jerrold Levy and Richard Negro, edited by Alessandro Porco, 117 pgs, BookThug,, $22.00 Gerard Legro was many things over the course of his life: a New York City-street urchin, a deranged, globetrotting polyglot, an early postmodern poet. Perhaps most importantly though he was a prank and literary nom du guerre […]

Book Review: Night Sky With Exit Wounds

  Night Sky with Exit Wounds, Ocean Vuong, 89 pgs, Copper Canyon Press,, $16 USD His writing is beautiful and charged with eroticism, but it’s also unrelenting in thematic heaviness. Recurrent throughout these poems is an abusive father, the legacy of the Vietnam War and emmigration, and pushback against the normalization of violence against […]

Book Review: Charleswood Road

Charleswood Road: Stories, M C Joudrey, 104 pgs, At Bay Press,, $22.99 I’ve periodically been trying finish my review of this short story collection for three months now. While I’m reluctant to play the asshole reviewer, there’s very little to recommend here. Apart from one moderate exception, Charleswood Road seems to have been slapped […]

Book Review: Calling Down the Sky

Calling Down the Sky, Rosanna Deerchild, 80 pgs, BookLand Press,, $16.95 Rosanna Deerchild’s second book of poetry gives an account of survivors’ experiences at residential schools and the marks left on their families by this systemic violence. Calling Down the Sky‘s bare, powerful poems are a major addition to discourses around the oppression of […]