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Book Review: Punk Is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night

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Richard Cabut & Andrew Gallix, 318 pgs, Zero Books, If you know absolutely nothing about the roots of punk and are eager to learn, then I highly recommend this book. Filled with wonderful origin stories, it gives first-hand accounts of how it all really started. However, if you, like me, have read books, watched […]

The New Tattoo Underground

Words by: Jonathan Valelly  Photography by: Jah Grey STICK AND POKE. #QTTR. FLASH. If any of these phrases mean something to you, you may have already noticed: tattooing is having a special kind of moment in the DIY scene. Sure, sporting ink on your body has always signified a rejection of mainstream mores, and might […]

Comic Review: Otter Days

comic, Jessica Bromley Bartram, 19 pgs, Sea Beast Books, There are days filled with small annoyances that add up to a general feeling of frustration. On these days, it is nice to take a small break from the world and gaze upon cute animal pictures. A baby elephant joyously playing in the water. A […]

Book Review: Turning Japanese

MariNaomi, 228 pgs., 2dcloud, Between a serious bout of salmonella, a hasty engagement, advice on how to avoid getting groped in San Jose’s illegal hostess bars, and a life-changing trip to Japan — graphic memoirist MariNaomi’s latest work covers a lot of ground. Although the publisher’s notes describe it as a clear-cut tale of […]

Zinester’s Toolkit: Monica Trinidad

Zinester’s Toolkit is a new column about the tools zinesters use to make their work, and how you can use them too. Words by Monica Trinidad ON TECHNIQUE In my head, I imagined myself becoming a cool zinester with cool zinester friends. We’d sit on the ground in my messy punk house, typing out words […]

Patrons, Perks, Payout? Patreon for DIY creators

Words by Sidney Drmay Illustration by Ian Sullivan Cant  “AS SOON AS I SAW IT, I had the gut feeling that this is the platform that I should be using,” Rio Aubry Taylor said. Taylor is a multidisciplinary cartoonist based in North Carolina who set up a Patreon account in 2015 and spent a year […]

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