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Zine Review: Here’s What I’ve Hidden Under My Tongue

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  Here’s What I’ve Hidden Under My Tongue #4, perzine, D.J.T., 3701 Richmond Ave., #20 Anchorage, AK 99508 Am I crazy? Maybe that’s a question you’ve never had to ask yourself, but it’s a question that D.J.T. — and anyone who has had an experience of being in children’s psychiatric care — has. In the fourth […]

Zine Review: The BLT

The BLT Zine, The Belmont Library Teens, Issue #1, 36 pgs, Belmont is a city of approximately 27,000 folks, located between San Francisco and San Jose in northern California. In this in-between city, there are some teens who have come together to create a zine — cool, right? That zine is this zine, it’s […]

Zine Review: The Happy Loner

The Happy Loner Zine, Izalixe Straightheart, 16 pgs, $3,, Izalixe Straightheart lives in Quebec City, in a cove by a river. She also hand-crafts a zine called The Happy Loner that is a hyper-localized document of assorted drama, dramas, and micro-dramas. I use all three of those terms in a 100% non-pejorative fashion. The […]

Flamingo Rampant’s Diverse Queer Kids Books Centre Joy, Not Injury

S. Bear Bergman (left) and j wallace skelton with their children, Stanley Bergman (front) and Solomon Bergman (on shoulders). (Photo by Sara Elisabeth)   by Anisa Rawhani One evening, while reading a bedtime story to his three-year-old son, S. Bear Bergman noticed an alarming pattern. It seemed like every LGBTQ-themed picture book he read was riddled with […]

Zine Review: All Together

All Together: A Primer for Connecting to Place & Cultivating Ecological Citizenship Emma Percy,,, free When is the last time you’ve considered communities you are a part of, or what local plant and animal species are indigenous to your area? When was the last time you thought about watershed boundaries? These are just […]

Art Zine Review: An A-Z of Holes

An A-Z of Holes Zine, Joseph Harris, Do you remember those A-Z books your parents would read to you to help you read and learn your alphabet? That’s what this is, except there is a one-inch hole drilled in the middle of the book and each letter represents a type of hole.

Zine Review: The Downtown Eastside Women’s Art Collective, Issue 2

Excerpt: BBHMM

Zine Review: BBHMM

Nos apoyamos: ¿SERIO? Zine, Brown and Proud Press & Beyond

Issue 77

Round-up of Zines and Comics About Women’s Mental Health Issues

Print Heals: Women and Trans Zinesters Challenge the Mental Health Status Quo

Staff Pick: Protest 101

Staff Pick: Rock and Riot