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Book Review: Ethereal Voices

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Ethereal Voices: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems, Shona Jabang, ,, $20.76 Ethereal Voices is a collection of poems, essays, and short stories set in Jamaica, England, the US, and The Gambia. It opens with “Sister, Sister” where a young Pearl’s enchanted relationship with her mother is ruined by the birth of her sister, […]

Book Review: Arms From the Sea

Arms From the Sea, Rich Shapero, 193 pgs, TooFar Media,, $9.99 USD   Rich Shapero is best known for having made a lot of money doing the California tech thing and then using some of that money – what would be a fortune to most of us – to self-publish, market and distribute a book called Wild […]

Book Review: Two Man Tent

Two Man Tent, Robert Chafe, 216 pgs, Breakwater Books,, $19.95 The debut short story collection from Newfoundland-based playwright Robert Chafe takes on the questions of longing and possibility inherent to distance, whether it is emotional of physical. The intimate proximity referenced in the book’s title is belied by, in story after story, attempts to […]

Book Review: Yes Yes We’re Magicians

Yes Yes We’re Magicians, Jonah Samson, 104 pgs, Figure 1 Publishing,, $35.00 Fog-shrouded city skylines. Faces, masked and obscured. A dark ship out at sea, its lone stack bleeding black smoke. Jonah Samson’s forthcoming collection of found photography, presented in black-and-white, is—in a word—haunting.