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Excerpt: All the Badass Girls I’ve Ever Known

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All the Bad Ass Girls I’ve Ever Known Art Zine, Shelby McLeod,, 8 pgs Like the cover suggests, Shelby McLeod’s art zine is a badass combo of cats and riot grrl attitude. The Toronto-based graphic artist, illustrator, and printmaker takes the classic black-and-white print format and adds pops of reddish pink, creating a punk […]

Art Zine Review: All the Bad Ass Girls I’ve Ever Known

All the Bad Ass Girls I’ve Ever Known Art Zine, Shelby McLeod,, 8 pgs This is the most bad-ass zine I’ve ever known. Bad Ass Girls to me is not only a zine but also embodies its mantra; short, sweet, and to the point! I am thrilled to have a zine that mixes cats […]

Zine Review: Koogmo #9

Koogmo #9   Zine, Anthony Abelaye, Issue 9, PO Box, 861294, Plano, TX 75086, USA, $1 Funny, quirky, or strange – those are the attributes that tie the stories in this collection together, at least judging by the submission guidelines on the last page. I wish I had read that page first, because not knowing […]

Fiction: My Mother, in 2075

by Erika Price illustration by Samantha Lucy She can’t remember the important bad things. I ask her about the divorces and the dead dogs buried in the woods and the cracks in the bathroom tile and the negative, blood red balance in her checking account and her eyes go blank and she shakes her head […]

Book Review: Broken Balloons

Broken Balloons Gail Prussky, 104 pgs, Exile Editions,, $19.95 If you’re in search of nightmarish illustrations, delightfully strange poems and spooky stories, you will find them in Gail Prussky’s beautifully executed volume. Broken Balloons starts with an interview with the author by filmmaker David Cronenberg. That even Cronenberg, the master of body horror, appears […]

Zine Review: Hello My Name is Frugal

  Hello My Name is Frugal Zine, Anneliese Schoppe, 8 pgs, $5 In the age of side hustles and creative subsistence lifestyles, we are all counting our pennies. Anneliese Schoppe has packed tons of penny-saving tips and good, financially savvy advice into Hello My Name is Frugal.

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