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Zine Review: Sober Queers Do Exist

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  Sober Queers Do Exist Zine, Clementine Morrigan and geoff (eds.), out of print Note: This zine is from 2016 and the project is no longer underway. “It’s kind of like playing Minesweeper with my life.” That’s how one contributor describes sober dating in the queer scene, where it can seem like everyone, at the […]

Zine Review: Write Or Die, Vol. II

Write Or Die: Poetry, Prose & Condz Vol. II Compilation zine, various authors, Issue 2, 52 pgs,, free to prisoners After a decade of being bombarded by self-published materials, it’s nice to be reminded of just how vital and subversive this tradition can be. Write or Die is a mostly handwritten publication coming out […]

She’s Got Moxie: A YA novel where feminist zines take front and centre

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu Young adult fiction has picked up on social justice issues in the past couple years. Yet even though teenagers are again being introduced to zines as an outlet of rebellion, there has yet to be a rad YA book that includes the genre. Until now. Enter Moxie by high school teacher […]

Comic: Edge Desert by Sophie Yanow

DIY Cosplay: Make your own fantastical armour

It can be intimidating for newbie costume makers and props builders to get in the game. But Drew Eckhardt, an Ontario member of the Mandalorian Mercs costume club, has broken down a handy step-by-step list on making your first fantastical armour. Step 1: Choose what you want to make. Have the right tools, or help, […]

Everyday Superheroes: Anti-Corporate Cosplay & the DIY Multiverse

Words by David Silverberg “Are you Boba Fett?” “Do you know Darth Vader?” Drew Eckhardt fielded these questions from the five-year-olds huddled around him at the Victoriaville Mall in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It was just before Christmas, 2016. A guy dressed as Santa wasn’t far off, but all young eyes were focused on Eckhardt and his […]

Zine Review: WoRMHoLE

Podcast Activist Katie Jensen: I Am Woman, Hear Me .RAR

Zine Review: Patch Sewing Guide and Sew Sew Sew

Zine Review: Terminal Boredom, The Early Years, Vol. 2

Comic: Babcia, a papercut story

Art Holes: Autumn Crossman-Serb

The Smell of Our Own: Sami Alwani interviewed by his mother, Ghada

Music Review: Gremlins 3 by B.A. Johnston

Vivek Shraya gives writers a path through barriers with VS. Books

Poetry Review: Empathy Eventually

Zine Review: 10 Poems

Zine Philosophy: Return to the Night: Starting a Band When You’re Over 35

Burgomasterpiece Theatre 13

Zine Review: Not Recommended for You

Excerpt: Don’t Tell Me to Smile

Zine Review: Don’t Tell Me to Smile

Issue 76

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Zine Review: Nourish #2

Zine Review: Living Not Existing

Book Review: Mad Richard

Perzine/Comic Review: Chronic Illness Girl

Fiction: The Sisters and the Ash

Folio: “Grounded in their intuition” — Curated by Komi Olaf

Zine Review — Love-Addict: Trials in Online Dating

Comics by Gord Hill: What Is Antifa?

Book Review: Guy

Zine Review: Dislocations #2

Excerpt: All the Badass Girls I’ve Ever Known

Art Zine Review: All the Bad Ass Girls I’ve Ever Known

Zine Review: Koogmo #9

Fiction: My Mother, in 2075

Book Review: Broken Balloons

Zine Review: Hello My Name is Frugal

Book Review: a place called No Homeland

Zine Review: Dear Journal #2

Jordan Abel wins $65K Griffin Poetry Prize

Zine Review: People Who Eat Alone

Staff Pick: Robin Ha’s Cook Korean!

Book Review: Ethereal Voices

Book Review: Arms From the Sea

Book Review: Two Man Tent

Book Review: Yes Yes We’re Magicians