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Book Review: As If

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As If Alban Goulden, 140 pgs, Anvil Press,, 18.00$ Alban Goulden provides a series of short stories set in Vancouver and the prairies. The stories centre on the subtle, crucial ways that these settings interact with the people who populate them. There’s a strong focus on technology and how it affects users that Goulden […]

Book Review: Rockets Versus Gravity

Rockets Versus Gravity Richard Scarsbrook, 200 pgs, Dundurn Press,, $19.99 Richard Scarsbrook’s novel starts with a lumberjack named Stan. I very quickly grew fond of Stan, only for him to die right off the bat. (It’s in the first ten pages, so I don’t think this is a spoiler.) Anyway, said lumberjack is very […]

Book Review: Teardown

Teardown, Clea Young, 224 pgs, Freehand Books,, $19.95 Clea Young’s debut short-story collection has that fantastic quality of making the reader feel as though they are exploring their own memories, even when the details couldn’t be more different from their own reality. In Teardown, Young captures the deceptively benign experiences in the lives and […]

knife|fork|book: A new haven for poetry in Kensington Market

the knife|fork|fork display at Rick’s Cafe. Photo from Instagram “The book is the meal.” Jeff Kirby (known as just “Kirby” to most) is seated at a small table in Rick’s Cafe. The long-running Kensington Market coffee shop is nestled on Augusta, close to Big Fat Burrito on one side and El Trompo Tacos on the […]

Zine Review: Seawitch #11

Seawitch #11 Clementine Morrigan,, $3 It is difficult for us all to welcome feelings of self-reflection and to question the patterns existing in our lives. Clementine Morrigan, the writer, artist, and self-described witch, has created an opportunity for us to exercise honesty and compassion with the newest edition of their long-running zine seawitch. seawitch […]

Zine Review: Thru the Fog

Thru the Fog Mx. Kat, Issue 1, March 2015, perzine, Queer Trash Distro, $4.29 There is a clarity to Mx. Kat’s writing that intersects beautifully with the zine’s content; a discussion of brain fog and chronic pain. Thru the Fog is a perzine about Kat’s life after a debilitating car accident. Within the black and […]

Zine Review: Dress Code Cracker-The Colouring Book

Book Review: Rats Nest

Book Review: Chalk