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Comic Review: Rat

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Rat Comic, Chelsea Bellrose, 20 pgs., We don’t often consider the mortality we share with our rat neighbors and co-habitants. I suspect they don’t think of it much either. We’re both so busy. Jobs to do, buses to catch, nests to build, pizza to drag through the subway station. And yet from dust we […]

Poetry Zine Review: 6×6: they say triangle

6×6 #35: they say triangle Poetry Zine, Kim Hunter, Anna Gurton-Wachter, Judith Goldman, Bridget Talone, Ted Dodson, & Katy Lederer, 56 pgs, Ugly Duckling Presse,, $6 This penultimate issue of Ugly Duckling Presse’s long-running magazine is as much a treat in its physical assembly as it is in the poetry contained. The magazine, which […]

Chapbook Review: Vertex/Vertigo

Vertex / Vertigo Chapbook, John Oughton, 24 pgs,, $10 Vertex / Vertigo presents its audience with an interestingly Canadian vision. Some of the poems play with stereotypical Canadian images and concepts. “For Mr. Hockey,” is a tribute to Gordie Howe and to Death, “in his black and white stripes.” There’s a dark sense of […]

Chapbook Review: Sex Made Me

Sex Made Me Chapbook, Elianna Lev,, $10 Elianna Lev explores intimacy, inadequacy, infatuation, infidelity, and other ins and out of sexuality in Sex Made Me, a book of poetry consisting of two chapbooks. The collection is diverse in form, its poems ranging from two lines to a page, the content spanning illustrations in pseudo-comic […]

Litzine Review: love scene in miniature

love scene in miniature Litzine, S. Howe., $5 Do you know why people hate poetry? I do. People hate poetry because it makes you work. Even simple poems have layers we can’t unlock until we’ve experienced more life. Most people are going to hate Howe’s Long poem; LSIM. Howe makes you work hard as they […]

Photobook Review: Walking Styxx

Walking Styxx Photo book, David Firman, 48 pages,, Styxx, shortened from his original name Firestyxx, is a greyhound. Or, more correctly, he’s a lurcher. So begins Walking Styxx, a delightful look at a Winnipeg-based pooch, rescued from a life of heck and plucked into pages of this sweet little book. His human dad […]

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Issue 75

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