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Music Review: Flashes of Quincy by Snowball II

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  Snowball II Flashes of Quincy, Doughnut Records, Snowball II — yes, named after the cat from The Simpsons — is the recording project of L.A.’s Jackson Wargo, a prolific newcomer who’s on his third album in a year. A shoegaze label is habitually applied to Snowball II, but it definitely isn’t warranted — […]

Music Review: Record Attendance by Treebeard

Treebeard Record Attendance, Prairie Shag, Most of the tunes on Record Attendance would ably soundtrack the cliffhanger ending of an episode of a teen drama; there’s something malevolent and foreboding in these songs — an unrest lurking under the cover of surf-tinged, angular garage. This the second album of 2016 (and second overall) for […]

Protect Your Neck:
 Think your art has been stolen? Here’s what to do next (and how to keep it yours in the first place)

by: Alison Broverman   Alison Broverman shares some useful suggestions of what to do when you find your creative work has been stolen. You can read Alison’s full article on Indie art getting ripped off here! *Think carefully about sharing your work online in the first place Web comic artist Dami Lee has seen a few […]

Home Zine — Issue Three: People

  Home Zine — Issue Three: People Art/Lit. Zine, Tallulah Fontaine & Carla McRae (curators), 74 pgs, Home Zine,, $15 Featuring the multi-medium work of 39 contributors, this third and final edition of Home Zine is a brilliantly compact feat. Carla McRae’s design work, here, is dynamic — a balancing act between art, photography, […]

Book Review: Involuntary Bliss

Involuntary Bliss Devon Code, 170 pgs, $20 Set in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood, Involuntary Bliss explores three men’s friendship and the effect of a sudden death. The unnamed narrator is visiting his friend James over a weekend. The pair spends their time reminiscing, discussing their departed mutual friend Warren and a Peruvian novella they’ve read. […]

Zine Review — Pops: Parents on Parenting

  Pops: Parents on Parenting Zine, Jonas, #1, 40 pgs, This zine is fantastic and we’re lucky its contributors didn’t just cop out and make some lame-ass blog. Pops is about parenting and it gives a few different POVs on the topic from a few different folks. All accounts are, more or less, first-hand […]

Music Review: More by New Fries

Zine Review — Behind The Wheel: From Uber/Lyft to Taxi

The Sad Ballad of Pepe the Frog: When Great Indie Art Gets Ripped Off

All Hail the Superqueerdo: Eric Kostiuk Williams’ comic sheroes fight back against condo-fication

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Letters From Moose Jaw, SK

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Issue 75

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