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Chapbook Review: Reframing Paul Cadmus

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Reframing Paul Cadmus Chapbook, John Barton, 24 pgs, above/ground press,, $5 Printed 7” x 8.5”, John Barton presents, here, a sizable—not to mention memorable—collection of ekphrastic poetry. Each of Barton’s eleven poems printed herein demonstrates not only an intense familiarity with the visual work of Paul Cadmus, but a unique ability to transform his […]

Chapbook Review: PTSD south beach

PTSD south beach Chapbook, Puneet Dutt, 24 pgs, Grey Borders Books,, $5 A finalist for the 2016 Breitling Chapbook Prize, Puneet Dutt’s is a fine collection of poems, coherently selected to straddle both a politically informed and nostalgically personal perspective. As the post-traumatic stress disorder of the title would suggest, PTSD south beach projects […]

Chapbook Review: Poetry is Dead

Poetry Is Dead Poetry journal, Ben Rawluk (editor), issue 13, 64 pgs,, $6 For this themed 13th issue, submitters were given a choice: send prose poetry, poems about superheroes, or a combination of the two. Several writers approached the task by bringing a dose of reality to the comic book world. In a prose […]

Chapbook Review: Playdate

Playdate Chapbook, Allison LaSorda, .com, 12 pgs, /, $10 Another hot one from Anstruther Press: Allison LaSorda’s Playdate speaks with a quaint voice, and in a manner of reverie, of both simplistic moments as well as momentous ideals. And true to the text’s name, LaSorda douses memories

Chapbook Review: My Friend Goo #2

My Friend Goo #2 Litzine, Audrey,, $5 Remember a few years ago when the film The Tree of Life came out? It was an epic, impressionistic symphony; Terrence Malick’s first film in years. It had an overwrought and dramatic trailer and at the time critics were talking about how moving and potent this masterpiece […]

Chapbook Review: I Wanted to Be the Knife

I Wanted to Be the Knife Chapbook, Sara Sutterlin, 56 pgs, Metatron,, $13 You may never encounter a more matter-of-fact potty mouth. The first line of this collection: “Eating a bagel and being a cunt.” I Wanted to Be the Knife isn’t all swears and anger, though Sara Sutterlin uses a decent amount of […]

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Issue 74

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