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Heavy Metalloid Music: The Story of Simply Saucer!

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illustration by Robert Dayton Broken Pencil is excited to share this exclusive excerpt! Written by music journalist Jesse Locke (AUX, Weird Canada, drummer of many bands), Heavy Metalloid Music tells the story of the legendary (and underrated) Hamilton psych-punks Simply Saucer. This excerpt discusses how the band (young, scrappy and broke) collided with producer Bob Lanois […]

The Hustle: how indie creators are making it work right now

By Suzanne Alyssa Andrew I always wanted to be an author when I grew up. As a teen I moved 4,000 kilometres away from my hometown on Vancouver Island with two suitcases and a box. I worked like crazy to pay my way through two university degrees, then competed like a champ for writing work […]

Chapbook Review: What I Learned in Florida

What I Learned in Florida Litzine, Cary Fagan, 32 pgs.,, $15 Fiction and children’s author Cary Fagan collects nine precious pieces of youth memoir in What I Learned in Florida. Fagan’s short stories employ writing that is warm and concise, but without giving short shrift to his young self’s feelings and epiphanies. Painting a […]

Chapbook Review: Three Bloody Words

Three Bloody Words Chapbook, Stephanie Bolster, 23 pgs, above/ground press,, $5 This is an anniversary publication, a reissue, twenty years after the original release, celebrating Stephanie Bolster’s chapbook Three Bloody Words­—a sequence of poems and short paragraphs aiming to rewrite well-known fairytales from the perspective of the princess. Now with an afterword by the […]

Chapbook Review: String Practice

String Practice Chapbook, Jan Zwicky, 36 pgs, Vallum Society for Arts & Letters Education,, $10 Nearly all of the poems in this collection are reprinted from previous releases, and there was no shortage of material to choose from — Jan Zwicky is an award winning writer and philosopher with a lengthy bibliography. For this […]

Chapbook Review: Sonnets on a Night Without Love

Sonnets on a Night Without Love Chapbook, Yusuf Saadi, 24 pgs, Vallum Society for Arts & Letters Education,, $10 For a collection that professes to be about a night without love, the word “love” and its machinations sure make a lot of appearances. Perhaps the title is more suggestive of an effort to fill […]

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Issue 74

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