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Zine Review: Secrets: Surviving Jian Ghomeshi

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Secrets: Surviving Jian Ghomeshi Zine, Ellie Anglin,   As a Torontonian, I know all about Jian Ghomeshi’s recent legal scandals, the toxic CBC culture that turned a blind eye to his behavior, and witnessed the painful experiences of his brave accusers as their testimony and experiences were taken apart in a highly public trial. […]

Book Review: Puke Force

Puke Force Brian Chippendale, 120 pgs, Drawn & Quarterly,, $27.95 As far as punk oddities go, Brian Chippendale may have the competition beat with Puke Force. This antagonistic book skewers present-day life in a series of one-page comic strips which chronologically build on each other (although with that being said, the entire structure is […]

Book Review: Hitler

Hitler Shigeru Mizuki, 296 pgs,, $29.95Propaganda and willfully blind obedience are weapons of mass destruction. Such is Hitler’s legacy. Shigeru Mizuki’s Hitler shows how swiftly and completely everyone around the notorious Nazi dictator gave in to his lies and wishes. It is worth noting the extent to which Germany was a beaten and humiliated […]

Book Review: this

this Andy Weaver, 103 pgs, Chaudiere Books,, $20 Ten pages of quotations foreground this collection and act as a preview for the subdued unorthodoxy that is to come. This isn’t revolutionary by any means — it is, at its best, wrestling with the irreducible paradox that to untie the knots in language, one must […]

Book Review: Big Kids

Big Kids Michael DeForge, Drawn & Quarterly,, 96 pgs, $19.95 Like most people who’ve ever read Michael DeForge’s work, I’ve never been able to go back; back to looking at comics the same way, back to looking at the possibility of representation through pictures and images the same way, nor to go back to asking […]

National Resonance: How Drone Took Over Canada’s Underground

    In 2014, artist and activist Marie LeBlanc Flanagan announced a new Canadian holiday. Henceforth, she proclaimed on her popular underground music website Weird Canada, one Saturday in May would be known as National Drone Day. (This year’s event takes place this Saturday, May 28.) The idea, based on the niche music subgenre known […]

National Drone Day: The Playlist

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