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Book Review: Stroppy

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Stroppy Marc Bell, 64 pages, Drawn & Quarterly,, $24.95 There is probably no living artist who can depict a lunatic quivering with pleasure as he devours an entire block of President’s Choice medium cheddar cheese better than London, Ontario cartoonist Marc Bell. Your mileage with Stroppy, Bell’s first full-length graphic novella, will depend on […]

Book Review: Poetry is Useless

Poetry is Useless Anders Nilsen, 224 pgs, Drawn & Quarterly,, $37.95  It’s useful for adults to take most of life for granted. If we proceeded as though the nature of chairs were indeterminate, we’d be all morning waiting for a seat at Denny’s. Poetry asks questions as a child does: playfully, atomically curious, even […]

Book Review: Pablo & Jane And The Hot Air Contraption

Pablo & Jane And The Hot Air Contraption José Domingo, 56 pgs, Flying Eye Books,, $19.95 In these times of comics being appreciated as both literature and serious art for older readers, it’s always a pleasure to see a book that’s both innovative and aimed at the often-overlooked kids’ market. There are definitely some […]

Book Review: Killing and Dying

Killing and Dying Adrian Tomine, 121 pages, Drawn and Quarterly,, $26.95 In the 12th installment of the Optic Nerve series, Adrian Tomine includes a short autobiographical epilogue. He describes his love of serialized comics, or “floppies,” and his own unwittingly assumed role as ‘The Last Pamphleteer.” Each issue of Optic Nerve is beautifully designed […]

Book Review: Junction

Junction Nathan Jurevicius, 52 pgs, Koyama Press,, $27.95 “I wonder what I’ll look like this year? An exotic plant? A ball of string? A crowded metropolis? It’s all a surprise!” Thus begins this gorgeous new picture book from Koyama Press. The protagonist is a young member of a family of Face Changers, and it […]

Book Review: Sideshow Concessions

Sideshow Concessions Lucas Crawford, 91 pgs, Invisible Publishing,, $15.95 Lucas Crawford includes a list of imaginary Canadian Literature Premises late in this collection, running the gamut between “The Affair I Considered Having Once” to “Roughing It in the Bush: An Anti-Colonial Lesbian Rewrite.” The hidden punchline in this spoof-list is the hypothetical title, “I […]

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The Smell of Our Own: Rea McNamara

Book Review: Dirty River

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