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Behind The Wheel: A Zinemaker’s Uber and Taxi Odyssey

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Kelly Dessaint never intended to be an Uber driver. But after moving to Oakland in the San Francisco Bay area from Los Angeles in early 2014, he needed a job – and the one thing he had was a car. The writer and longtime zine publisher (best known for his novel Masque of Infamy and […]

Chapbook Review: The Manifesto of Fervourism

Shane Neilson, Ryga (Okanagan College Publications),, $5  Shane Neilson, a writer and physician from New Brunswick, is eager to share with his reader an exceptionally precise prescription for poetics. In The Manifesto of Fervourism, Neilson wants desperately to be read as the arbitrator of “poetry written today.” This essay, published by Okanagan College ahead of the […]

Book Review: The Kingdom and After

Megan Fernandes, 78 pgs, Tightrope Books, $19.95  This debut collection by Megan Fernandes takes the reader on a surreal post-colonial journey where she unearths vivid images of the many people she encounters, witnesses, or dreams about. In the standout poem “Queens”, she discusses a visit to Mumbai, where she meets the Hijra — a […]

Book Review: For Your Own Good

Leah Horlick, 96 pgs, Caitlin Press,, $18  Leah Horlick was 19 years old when her girlfriend first sexually assaulted her. This violent relationship bred trauma, shame, and more abusive partners. For years, Leah feared talking about the abuse in the face of callous rebukes (“it’s not like she hit you”) and an internal voice […]

The Smell of Our Own: Syrus Marcus-Ware

Panel image from “Black August” by Syrus Marcus Ware. Image courtesy of the artist. Editor’s Note: “The Smell of Our Own” is a new column in Broken Pencil where we enlist an artist we love to interview another artist (working in a different medium) to discuss their creative processes, inspirations, challenges and other cool stuff! […]

Book Review: The Bodies

Calvin White, 158 pgs, Now or Never Publishing,, $17.95  Calvin White has put together a sizable collection of what he calls “political poems,” though they could just as easily be called “activist poems.” This is not an issue in and of itself, but he takes care to address topics ranging from global warming to animal abuse, […]

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