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Comic Review: Doing the Dishes with Batman

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Comic, Scott Marshall,, 7-391 Division St., Kingston, ON Canada K7K 4A6, $2 The most interesting superheroes are the ones who must suffer through the mundane: oil changes, grocery shopping, traffic jams, and — most certainly — washing dishes. Presumably they will experience most of these banalities in the guise of their secret identity, but […]

Comic Review: The Deader Half

Comic, Jeff Mitchell and friends, Jersey Mountain Comics,, $5 Humanized monsters and a clever pun for a title set the pace for The Deader Half (TDH), a lively monster-based comic with plenty of callbacks to plenty of eras past. TDH is jam-packed with drawings and dialogue, featuring seven separate efforts populated by hot freaks […]

Online Exclusive Fiction: “Spin” by Madeleine Leznoff

The heat suppresses the class’s buzz, keeping our restlessness static. The backs of my thighs stick to the orange plastic chair and I imagine my flesh pooling in the pores: spilling into the cracks like caulking that foams and sets. Macy leans forward at the desk beside me to braid Lea’s sheet of white-blonde hair, […]

Comic Review: Butts

Comic, Noreen Rana (editor),, $10  A fundraiser of sorts for Toronto’s Annex Cat Rescue, Butts is a tribute to rear ends and the cats who have them. It’s a stinky concept perhaps, but one that approaches the subject matter with class and dignity. Publisher Noreen Rana goes deep with the felines who flaunt their […]

Comic Review: 11:59

Comic, Jess Sheridan,, $1 It’s always exciting to come across a piece of work identified as someone’s first, and to see them just kill it. From start to finish, everything about this first comic zine by Jess Sheridan is compelling. 11:59 is gorgeously illustrated in black and white. In creating this mini-thriller, Sheridan excels […]

Poetry Review: Ghost Sick

Emily Pohl-Weary, 106 pgs, Tightrope Books,, $19.95 Subtitled “a poetry of witness,” this latest book from author, arts educator and former Broken Pencil co-editor Emily Pohl-Weary is unified by violence. Economic, sexual, institutional, mundane or exceptional, Ghost Sick chronicles the violence that we do not often enough acknowledge bubbling beneath the genteel streets of […]

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