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Uncreative writers, cultural appropriation, and pain

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Underlying the work of the “conceptual” or “uncreative writer” — those writers working with found, automated, or tightly constrained text, for example — is a presumed desire to disengage with texts, to eliminate the human element in their work Conceptual works with found texts can employ the contents of a presidential speech, articles in a newspaper, […]

Dark, Angry and Political: Toronto’s Factory Theatre gets a makeover

Photo of The Unplugging, featuring actors Allegra Fulton and Diana Belshaw, by Akipari by Carissa Ainslie The Factory Theatre has seen some changes lately. The 45-year-old Toronto-based venue has outfitted themselves with a brand-new staff and a rebranded tagline, “Factory: Theatre with Grit.” Much of this comes from the theatre’s newly appointed artistic director Nina […]

Book Review: Mighty Star and the Castle of Cancatervater

Alex Degen, 174 pgs,Koyama Press,, $15 Koyama Press has a habit of taking risks with artists, but even then it is hard to imagine how a neo-baroque-meets-Dragonball Z superhero comic made it through the selection process. Mighty Star and the Castle of Cancatervater did just that, and despite its handful of shortcomings, the volume is […]

Book Review: Confetti

Ginette Lapalme, 203 pgs, Koyama Press,, $20  Not only is Ginette Lapalme an active member of the Toronto craft scene, but she also boasts a strong presence online, with both a popular blog and a thriving Etsy shop. Confetti — a fitting title — is her scattered gallery of artwork, vaguely divided into eight […]

Book Review: Asylum Squad: Monster Hospital 2

Sarafin, 113 pgs, Mad Pride,, $15  Based on the author’s own experiences in an in-patient mental institution, this second graphic novel collects the Asylum Squad’s continued adventures as chronicled in the webcomic of the same name. This volume sees Liz Madder, a diagnosed schizophrenic who believes she is possessed by a nightmarish horse head […]

Book Review: An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

Ali Almossawi, 64 pgs, The Experiment,, $14.95  In this digital age we live in, it’s surprisingly easy to get dragged into an endless debate or argument online. With Internet trolls around every corner, it’s becoming increasingly crucial that we regular folk don’t just learn how to argue, but also how to know a bad […]

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