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Zine Review: Portals

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  Perzine, Louisa Tsui,, price not listed   In a few short pages with a few short words, Louis Tsui walks you through a whole life; a whole life of emotions and events and the process of growing up. The front cover of Portals includes a series of images that are both symmetrical and […]

Zine Review: Wintering Prairie

  Chapbook, Megan Kaminski, above/ground press,, $4   There’s a preparatory tone in the first page of this long poem that lends itself well to the images of wintering conjured by its title (wintering: to lodge, keep, or care for during the winter). “This poem will be a long one,” warns Megan Kaminski, “will […]

Zine Review: Switchblade Queens

Litzine, Chapter 0, Chris Eng, illustrated by Kelsey Short,, $5   This zine is made up of 20 half-sized pages of fiction by Chris Eng, the Toronto-based author of punk romance novel Molotov Hearts, followed by eight pages of character drawings by Kelsey Short. I liked the illustrations, but in the text the characters […]

Zine Review: Swimming Alone in the Backyard

  Chapbook, Jordaan Mason,, $8   Reading through these poems, I was first struck by the reoccurring references to time, aging and bodies. Poems reflected on root canals, antibiotics, and tetanus shots. This preoccupation with time is presented through the perspective of what I assume to be a 20-something urban-dwelling artist. Later on in […]

Zine Review: One Dead Tree

  Chapbook, David Menear, DevilHousePress,, $15   The dead tree referenced by this collection’s title sits directly in front of The Crossroads bar in Montreal, and is an apt signpost for its contents. As David Menear describes it, the tree “looms there like some dark omen of what lies within.” Menear’s stories — some […]

Zine Review: Juggling Fire, Blindfolded

  Chapbook, Eric Evans, Ink Publications,, $5   This poetry collection all but ignites in your hand, so infused is it with the force of fire. Eric Evans really lights it up in chronicling a romantic relationship—from its passionate beginning to its smoldering end. Although many of the poems are emotionally raw, the nerves […]

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