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Little Train Pyjamas

Category: Fiction, Issue 64

by Leita McInnis I have a weakness. Like ice cream. Sometimes I like chocolate, sometimes vanilla. Sometimes I like boys, sometimes girls. But always I like children. When I see luscious children I cannot control myself. I want to lick their smooth flesh. I hate needing to. I wish I wasn’t born this way. But […]

Issue 64

Zine Review: Rust Belt

Rust Belt Comic, Sean Knickerbocker, #3, Well, that was a bit of a bummer! Rust Belt tells the story of David, a toe-haired fella who struggles with the bottle. Um, that’s kind of it. And it works. How it works is by not adding any theatre to the world of addiction. Everything about this […]

Book Review: Re:union

  Re:union Geordie Miller, 80pgs, Invisible Publishing,, $14.95 Geordie Miller’s poetry feels like he’s talking to you. Sharp and sincere, Miller’s impressive collection of poems, Re:union, caught me off guard, seamlessly weaving prosaic anecdotes, wry celebrations of minor crises avoided, wide-eyed childhood adventures, small town disasters,  and accidental comedies. With a uniquely accessible voice, […]

Book Review: New Tab

New Tab Guillaume Morissette, 164 pgs, Vehicule Press,, $19.95 This book is straight-up great. If you’ve ever felt torn between school or work or housing or anything else, you’ll identify. Morissette perfectly captures that in-between feeling. Twenty-something Thomas lives in Montreal, and works at a video game development job he hates. He feels trapped […]

Book Review: The Uncertainty Principle

The Uncertainty Principle: stories rob mclennan, 100 pgs, Chaudiere Books,, $15 rob mclennan’s first collection of short stories follows the old adage, “Less is more.” Each brief story in The Uncertainty Principle is more of a disembodied thought — unfinished worlds or ideas made whole only by the reader willing to fill in the […]

Book Review: The Worn Archive

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