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DIY Issue: How To Write FanFiction

Category: Alison Lang, Issue 60

“My Immortal” fanfic art by Deviantart’s ChazieBaka by Alison Lang There was a time when fan fiction – aka, the act of writing original stories using characters and worlds previously created by someone else – was one of the nerdiest pursuits one could ever possibly engage in. Confession time: I covertly wrote Buffy fanfiction through […]

The Wayside

The Wayside, Julie Morstad, 120 pgs, Drawn and Quarterly,, $19.95 There is something magical when a visual medium, such as illustration, can be so effective at story-telling. The symbolic and poetic richness of Julie Morstad’s The Wayside, is such a simple and eloquent example of water colour’s narrative potential. And it’s all bound in […]


Susceptible, Geneviève Castrée, 80 pgs, Drawn and Quarterly,, $19.95 US/CDN HC Quebec native Geneviève Castrée exorcises the demons of a strife-filled upbringing in her autobiographic novel Susceptible. Born to a teenaged mother and a drifter father who eventually leaves the family, Castrée (represented in the book by her surrogate Goglu) tells the story of […]

Science Fiction

Science Fiction, Joe Ollmann, 128 pgs, Conundrum Press,, $18 Presented in a lovely brown duotone, Science Fictiontells the story of a levelheaded high school science teacher named Mark who suffers a breakdown after viewing a B-grade sci-fi flick which dredges up repressed memories of being abducted by aliens. This causes him to turn his […]

RevolveR One

RevolveR One, Salgood Sam, 52 pgs, Split Ink,, $15 Montreal’s Salgood Sam (AKA Max Douglas) is an impressively diverse cartoonist and the first quarterly issue of his self-published anthology, RevolveR, provides the perfect showcase for his talents. Whether he’s creating hyper realistic cityscapes, atmospheric and loose dreamlike illustrations or even straight out cartoony styles, […]

Asylum Squad Side Story: The Psychosis Diaries

Asylum Squad Side Story: The Psychosis Diaries, Sarafin, self-published, In 2008, Toronto-based artist Sarafin was a patient at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health on Queen Street West in Toronto. While her treatment continued, she resurrected a comics idea about superheroes living with mental illness and began working on new strips. Upon her […]


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