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Probably Inevitable

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  Probably Inevitable, by Matthew Tierney 87 pgs, Coach House Books,, $17.95 In Matthew Tierney’s third poetry collection, mundane situations are elevated by meditations on space, time, art and culture – and of course, fantastic titles: the tediousness of jury duty (“Regular Folks Going Bananas”), attending a wedding you’re less than enthusiastic about (“Carbon Monoxide, […]

Rae Spoon: Prairie Fire

As an artist in the public eye, Rae Spoon has felt a constant pressure to define and label themself. The transgender musician uses their debut short story collection to play with the definition of identity. by Christine Clarke   When Rae Spoon sat down to write First Spring Grass Fire, the Montreal-based musician’s debut collection […]

International Press Watch: India’s Newest Pulp Press, Blaft Publications

  Blaft Publications Chennai, India by Colin Brush When a book is titled Super-detective horror thrill, the reader can be assured that excitement is pretty much guaranteed — especially if the cover shows a screaming orange housecat lording over a corpse in an evening dress. These are the books former math textbook editor Rakesh […]


Husk, Corey Redekop, 350 pages, ECW Press,, $18.95 For those looking to learn everything—and I mean everything—about zombies, Corey Redekop’s Husk is for you. Do zombies shit? Yes. Do they pee? Redekop prefers not to get into it. This funny, sarcastic and disgustingly graphic novel tells the horrific tale of Torontonian Sheldon Funk, an […]

Excerpt: The All Citizens Book, Serena McCarroll

  In 2006 Serena McCarroll and her partner, Tyler Brett, moved from Vancouver to rural Saskatchewan with dreams of cheap property and self-employment. All Citizens (Conundrum Press) tells the story of their journey.  McCarroll is an artist currently living in Toronto. She received a BFA from the Emily Carr Institute of Art in 2002 and […]

New Poems in Georgia Font

To fully appreciate the poetry of Caleb Bouchard, you need to know who Rebecca Black is, will want some familiarity with the writing of Charles Bukowski and Deepak Chopra, and without a doubt should love The Smiths (but why wouldn’t you? Who are you?). With an economy of verse that still manages wit and bombast, […]

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