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Zines as Essential Resources

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When asked to teach a workshop on the black bloc tactic to the Direct Action group at Occupy Boston, a seasoned activist looked to Wikipedia for information on the history of this group. Meanwhile, I found a copy of the zine Can’t Stop Kaos! A Brief History of the Black Bloc at Occupy Boston’s Audre Lorde […]

Pictorial Profile: Uganda Shop

Artwork by Andrew Foerster

Jason and the Comics


This brief, half-size comic tells the story of two nearly naked, sewer-dwelling humanoid mutants who are also BFFs (their term, not mine). They talk about their shit — literally, the size, shape and consistency of their turds — as subways rumble above their heads and sewer rats fuck in the corners. I’m not a typography […]

The Practical Guide to Sexual and Spiritual Reformat

Told in the first person through found writings, interviews and research, the works of Sparkus Gleamer — a “Shapist” — describe the basic concepts of his philosophy and experiments to assist in understanding. As far as a philosophical faction goes, shapism is concerned with shapes and even in transcending one’s own humanity in such a […]

Where Punknames Come From

This zine reads like Grimm’s fairy tales, but with punks and robo-wagons instead of wolves and kings. The stories are from a yet-to-be-completed book titled The Outer Kalifornia Book of the Alive and are entirely handwritten on scraps of paper, but it is legible. The zine is text heavy with no illustrations, but it has […]


Amphetamine Heart

In A Right and Proper Place

Zine vs. Art

From Halifax, With Love

When You Escape by Jessica Stewart

Issue 54