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Lo and I Are Laughing

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The seven o’clock news is reporting tragedy, highway tragedy, and Lo and I are laughing. Bobby MacElwain, aged 89, decided to take a spin on his mobility scooter late this afternoon. It was a bit of rebellious move on his part considering the nursing home has a strict sign out/sign in policy. MacElwain failed to […]

Mr. Monitor

Indie Franchises

Mad Pride

Zinesters challenge stigmas around mental illness one photocopied page at a time Behind every good zine lies a good reason to make a zine. It could be corporate greed that fuels the anger in a political zine or a child who doesn’t fit into a cookie-cutter education system for a parenting zine. Mental illness, with […]

How to Swear Successfully in Polish

A Basic Vocabulary Primer by Marta Rycko Marta Ryczko is a design and illustration student at OCAD U. She doesn’t want to become a design zombie so she fills her time by making books, hand printed images and other sorts of ephemera. She enjoys creating piles of things and her apartment often resembles an assembly line […]

Les Carnets de Rastapopoulos

So, you know how sometimes zinesters write apologies in their intro for taking so long to put out the latest issue? And I’m always thinking, “Just shut up and show me the rest of your zine.” Well, this author has the best excuse ever — a van crashed into his house. He had to vacate the […]


You Are Here

Pictorial Profile: JP King

Error State

We Are All Animals by Sylvain Cotte

International Press Watch

Don’t Feel So Hot

Retain Parts, Destroy Parts

Love in the Bike Lane

Bring On The Dancing Horses

Zine Philosophy

Poetry in the Streets: The Spontaneous Prose Store

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