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The Luddite’s Guide to 3D Printing

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What’s the big brouhaha over 3D printing? Broken Pencil explores the fun (and obstacles) of the medium Media love to tout the so-called 3D printing revolution. Articles in Wired and the like trumpet the process as an “industrial revolution in the digital age.” They make it sound like the technology, “printing” computer generated designs layer […]

Lessons from the Trenches

A Few Things Artists Can Learn From Indie Game Developers Indie gaming is the new gold rush, where anyone has a chance at success with little more than an idea, some basic know-how and an Internet connection. But there’s more to this phenomenon than the cliché of rags to riches. While a handful of indie […]

Jody Gets It

Jody runs across the patio and pushes over the terracotta flowerpot filled with Mom’s petunias. It makes a deep earthy popping sound and explodes a quiet blanket of peat-soil out onto the patio. Some of it gets in between Heather’s toes because she is wearing her pink rubber flip-flops. I scream out a laugh at […]

Copernicus Avenue

I’m an immigrant, and Canada, one can argue, is made up of people like me. Copernicus Avenue, Borkowski’s debut collection of short stories, is about immigrants. Set primarily on a street akin to Toronto’s Roncesvalles Avenue, the stories are an intense and colourful telling of the post-war, Polish-Canadian experience. The 16 stories are rich and […]

DIY Prosthetics – or “I’m a Fish, No Big Deal”

Everything you need to know to make your own gills (yes, fish gills) in your kitchen So you’re going to a costume party/comic-con/the grocery store and you’re searching for a look to give you the edge over that guy wearing a note that says “FYI, I’m a fish” because no one can tell what he […]

How To Stage a Spectacle

(with Sherwin Tjia) by Melissa Bull Poet, painter, illustrator and showman, Sherwin Tjia is a beloved phenom unto himself. Tjia, who grew up in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough but is now transplanted “like a heart, into Montreal,” has graced Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa with his titillating, crowd-pleasing events: Slowdance Nights, Love Letter Reading Open […]

Mr. Monitor

A Letter from Angel

The Advocate For Fagdom


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Street Art in Tel Aviv

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