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Field Guide to Kleptoparasitism

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Indie Writers’ Deathmatch IV Runner-Up By Braydon Beaulieu I stole my neighbour’s newspaper this morning. He has never noticed my compound eyes or mandibles. I click my jaws behind the hedge dividing our yards while he lathers his black Maserati. White suds on black. Like letters shining through white splashes. Or maybe I have it […]

From Deathmatch 2011: Free Therapy by Colin Brush

Indie Writers’ Deathmatch IV Runner-up Go here to sign up for Deathmatch 2013. By Colin Brush “I’m in therapy, you know,” is the first thing that comes out of Ellery’s mouth while lying across my bed. Her fingernails are bitten down far enough that they must have been bleeding and she didn’t take off her […]


Indie Writers’ Deathmatch IV Winner by David Griffin Brown “It’s your baby too,” Lily said. “It’s only fair you help me kill it.” She handed me the fat blue pill and wiggled out of her jeans. She climbed on the bed, rolled to her back: knees at forty-five degrees, legs parted. I saw for the […]

Poets and Killers: A Life in Advertising

Poets and Killers is a shining example of thoughtful and provoking appropriation-based poetry. Hajnoczky follows the trend set by predecessors Rob Fitterman (see Metropolis XXX) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (see Fake Math), with her Brion Gysin-like cut-up approach to producing a socially aware and (un)original text. By appropriating the language of advertisers, Hajnoczky writes the biography […]

The Necrophiliac

Gabrielle Wittkop’s The Necrophiliac was first published in France in 1972. Now, thanks to author and filmmaker Don Bapst’s deft translation, Anglophones can explore this world of blossoming bruises and unrequited love. The diary of Lucien, our titular necrophiliac, is filled with restrained prose that often bursts into beautiful poetry. Fitting for the poncy Parisian […]

The Mourner’s Book of Albums

There’s a lot crammed into this fascinating, complicated book of poems, prose, set-ups and take-downs. Toronto poet Daniel Scott Tysdal’s second book contemplates everything from mourning – the book’s abiding theme – to protest, pop culture, memoir and memory. Most of the time, his experiments succeed. Ruminations on the Toronto G20 protests, Two Face the […]

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Scenes from an Impending Marriage: a prenuptial memoir


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Firebrands: Portraits from the Americas

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Machine of Death

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I’m A Registered Nurse, Not a Whore

The Evolution of Inanimate Objects

Post-Punk: The Revival of Daniel Jones


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A Guide To Picking Locks


Fang It: My Melbourne Sexcapade

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Excerpted from Tremendous Tales: A Microfiction Anthology

Excerpted from Lesson Plans, Touring Vans & How I Started Teaching

Pictorial Profile: Zines in Zambia

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Rebecca Kraatz Looks Back To Push Graphic Novels Forward

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PS I Love You, Meet Me At The Muster Station

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Book Bombing

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