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Lost your hat? Your job? Your pet? This is the zine for you. A compendium of lost products, services and situations. It’s a little slim, true, but in time and with submission from across the globe, it could be pretty damn funny. Has anyone seen my — zine, #1 / main creator: Sarah / free […]


In Clockfire, Jonathan Ball proposes 77 hypothetical plays, all connected by the fact that they’re impossible to produce. Impossibility is Ball’s chief conceit, as his plays range from a performance where a Goddess creates a new world to a scenario where actors hold the audience hostage before murdering a “saviour.” To enter Clockfire is to […]

Indexical Elegies

When Dennis Lee first published Civil Elegies in 1968, he poeticized civic engagement with immediacy and prognostic savvy. Forty-two years later, Jon Paul Fiorentino tackles a radically changed Canadian landscape with his own brand of elegiac verse in Indexical Elegies. Like Lee, Fiorentino is concerned with place — in his case Montreal and Winnipeg as […]

For Derek

Broken Pencil’s good friend Derek McCormack is recovering from cancer surgery and needs money for a long journey back to health. Broken Pencil is making a donation! So why don’t you? Derek is a pioneering indie writer whose work has appeared in Broken Pencil as well as publications across North America. You can read about […]

Letters To Vienna

If we take this at face value Letters To Vienna is a hand-bound little zine of photocopied pages from Benjamin Goetsch’s diary written between April and June 1998. At the time the diary entries were written, Goetsch appears to be a teenager. The diary opens with him and Vienna already long-distance dating and the entries […]

Mr. Monitor

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