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Indie Won. Now What?

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Note: The essay below, published in October 2010 in Issue 49 of Broken Pencil, has been chosen as one of the Best Canadian Essays of 2012. Congrats Ryan! When the “indie” aesthetic becomes the mainstream, what happens to “indie”? Ryan Bigge argues it either embraces transparency or it disappears. By Ryan Bigge In August 2009, […]


Although the monster in this illustrated mini-mag is not as hairy or slimy as the ones under my childhood mattress, the cartoon vignettes the beast finds itself in can be frightening: saddled into a fighter plane blasting a UFO, strapped to a Titanic-esque ship that glides past a penguin seated on a floating ice chunk, […]

The Cat The Dog The Bird

Cute and scrappy drawings, scribbled author commentary, and a non-sequitor, non-sensical style of writing all make for a quick and uninvolving second edition of TCTDTB. Of course, there’s value in this type of storytelling — sometimes beginning-middle-end is just too much for a brain, y’know? (Georgia Webber) Comic, 2nd ed., Claudia Blum,


This latest installment of Brain Food advances the story of adult films that feature zombie actors, and the resulting zombie babies that are sold to the “forprofit adoption agency” of a Walmart-style corporation. None of this is nearly as off-putting as the fact that all the text that appears in the comic is typed (dialogue […]

Welcome to Flavor Country

With a rambling, at times almost free associative approach, this agnostic zine tends not only toward uncertainty but — less rewardingly — thematic inconsistency. It is made up of autobiographical digressions and fictional vignettes, as well as what seems like an occasionally muddled combination of the two. Except when written by a guest author, these […]

Mars: The Capsule Report

Mars is a thick, square sized zine with classic cut and paste, typewritten interviews with Julie Doiron, Ron Bates, Elevator To Hell and some other bands and artists I have never heard of. All interviews seem to be from the late ’90s and are really well executed. This zine is beautiful, with lots of high […]

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Pictorial Profile: Elisabeth Belliveau

I already know how my life will go.

The Geofriends

Mr. Monitor

Zine Philosophy

Introducing Sarah Steinberg

Error State

Jason and the Comics

Editor’s Note

Karen Justl


Fake Leather Boots, By Sam Stilson

Tiger Prince

Krakow Melt

Three Girls


A Tale of Two Distros

Building Literary Ground

Introducing Fantasy Camp

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Age of Consent

Border Patrol

2010: The Year She Makes Contact

Kicking The Hat Around

Children of the King

The Secret Lives of Puppets

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