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Deathmatch Winner 2010: Gotta Be Another Way

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By Nelson Eshleman We at Broken Pencil were deeply saddened to learn that our 2010 Deathmatch Champion Nelson Eshleman passed away in March of 2012. You can read Nelson’s obituary here, where his love of writing and Deathmatch experience both receive mention. Our condolences to his family. It was round about the time Winthorpe Power Corp. […]

This is a DIY-styled web television series out of Montreal that is really funny and loaded with talent. It’s shot like Arrested Development but has a real Canadian feel to it, likeable characters and ridiculous ironies. Watch some episodes before it disappears, it will make you smile guaranteed. (Nathaniel G. Moore)

Chicago has a secret spy store called The Boring Store, which is actually a front for a writing center for children and teens. Writer Dave Eggers founded the 826 National writing centers for students ages 6 to 18 and the organization has several writing centers all under similarly disguised establishments. With interactive clickables and a […]

Digital: A Love Story

This is a bit of a cheat for the web reviews section, because it’s a game. You have to install it. But it’s worth it, especially if you ever owned an Amiga computer and logged any hours on the dial-up bulletin board systems. Digital is a work of interactive fiction set in 1988. Using your […]

This is an online zine community created by Martha Grover, zinester and creator of Somnambulist (excerpted on page 42). Upon a basic examination, without signing up, it looks very much like We Make Zines (even operated through Ning Network). This is a much smaller community than We Make Zines at the moment (with only 11 […]

A humble site launched in 2003 by two dudes in Vancouver who wanted to tell jokes about video games. It has now swollen into some kind of web-based juggernaut that puts out high-quality video sketches every frikkin’ week. With dudes telling jokes about video games. If that’s not enough to bring a tear to your […]

Ron Hawkins – 10 Kinds of Lonely

Flying Bulgars – Tumbling Into Light

Woodhands – Remorsecapade

Picastro – Become Secret

Woodhands – Remorsecapade

The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book

Peeling Onions Volume 1

Jan’s Atomic Heart

I’m Crazy

The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2009

Something Burned Along the Southern Border

Paper Radio

Our Extraordinary Monsters

God of Missed Connections

Back Off, Assassin! New and Selected Poems

Declining America



The Book of Dead Philosophers

Sentimental Exorcisms

Front Porch Mannequins

The Exile Book of Canadian Sports Stories

the Wolf’s Mouth

The Taste of Penny

The Lizard and Other Stories

Punker Than You


The Skeleton Dance


Centaur Rodeo: Modern Babies

Pizza World News

The Gmo Zoo


First Impressions (Colour Me In)

The Day After V-Day

Book Comic

Book Art

Are You Man Enough?

Writer’s Ink 4

Sugar + Heartstrings

Subliminal White Trash: New Writings

Shoes Fanzine #7: East Vancouver Interviews

Searchbar History

The Rose and the Peacock

Riot Wife

Pure Animal Instinct


Licking Stars Off Ceilings

Jackknife Express Lucky #7



Cracks in the Concrete

Absent-Cause #3: Literary Supplement



I already know how my life will go.

The Geofriends

Mr. Monitor

Zine Philosophy

Jason and the Comics

Introducing Sarah Steinberg

Error State

Editor’s Note

The Fishermen and the Goose


Three Dudes, Some Drugs, and a Bear


The Rabble of Downtown Toronto

If You Can Find it

Black Bile is Anything but Precious

Brave New Writing Workshops

Publishing gets Mobile with Microcosm’s Zine Trike

For the Love of a Good Beard

Interview: Ken Sparling

Interview: Joey Comeau

Riot on Campus

Cut and Paste Fish Sticks

Escaping Sonja Ahlers

I Want My Web TV!

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