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Today’s Zine Review: The Devouring Grief of ‘Angelheart’ Mitchum

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Litzine, Coyote Rosebud ,, $3 This three-chapter fiction zine traces parallel stories of failed romance on the backdrop of the Chicago blues scene. Our narrator has returned home to Chicago in search of a lost love and, broken-hearted, seeks out Angelheart, a disappeared bluesman who the narrator “[trusts] to know what is right,” to […]

web review: Warning: this website will ruin your life. TV Tropes is a wiki full of tricks of the trade for writing fiction. It’s not limited to TV, either–the techniques of all kinds of media, from film and literature to comics, are exhaustively catalogued and described, laid bare for anyone to identify and use. […]

web review: Katie West’s work offers an infinite number of angles into the self-portraiture genre and there’s no other contemporary artist working with photography, writing and the blog in this unique, beautiful, raw and haunting way. Accompanying her ever expanding website, West has put out two books of self-portraiture so far, with examples of […]

web review: Finally a place just for the chapbook enthusiast. In The Chapbook Review’s own words, the site is “A monthly on­line literary journal focused on the critical examination of the venerable chapbook: slim, soft-cover books, usually in­expensively produced and independently published.” The site includes much discussion of what constitutes a chap­book and what […]

web review: As a place of assembly, a public hub of conversation, the Agora Review is aptly named and is full of online reviews, essays, and interviews concerning works of fiction, poetry and visual art. Most recently, you can find a review of Kate Eichorn’s book of poetry Fond, an interview with David Fiore […]

web review: Overthinking It is a website devoted to subjecting the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn’t deserve. In-depth analyses of why, for example, everyone gets Robocop but nobody gets Starship Troopers, the political sociology of Batman, and why Hogwarts is actually a terrible school, remind us that seemingly superficial […]

Wax mannequin (and Black Blood) — Saxon

Frankie Mayfield — Damn, You Created It

Zak Smith — An Endless Doubt

Construction & Destruction — Video et Taceo

Private Grief, Public Mourning: The Rise of the Roadside Shrine in B.C.

Drop In

Prison Pit

Bone Dream

Orioles in the Oranges

Security Posture

Always Die Before Your Mother

Playing Basra

Caffeine Fueled Revelation Machines



Because I Have Loved and Hidden it


The Players


Fugue State

Between Nowhere and Happiness

Postcard and Other Stories

The Olive and the Dawn

The Devouring Grief of ‘Angelheart’ Mitchum

Incomplete Works

Uyugomiak Hates You Book 1: How I Learned to Hate You

The Ye Ol’ Puddin’ Caper

Pig Boy on the Hunt

Pope Hats #1

Take me to Hell

The Chubby Bounty Hunter Book 4

Glaze, High Falootin #2


The Last Minute: A 24 Hour Comic

Les Mont-Royals

Dater’s Dozen

Fisticuffs Hullabaloo

Genevieve #2, Red and Gold

Girl and Robot #1, Bloody Noses

So Bad It’s Good Movies

Spank and Friends

You Can’t Hide an Elephant in an Omelet


The Molotov Rag

Prevailing Nonsense

Small Potatoes: Delicious Vegan Food to Cook, Share and Enjoy

Sock Puppets & Stool Pigeons

Die Active: Young Blood

Exp. Issue Minus One

Culture Slut #20

Lyrics to the Empty Show

Anger Management

Aquagirl 1995

Baby Beef Heart Volume Two

Blueprint Magazine

Being Gay is A-Ok!

Pictorial Profile: Steve Anderson

The Geofriends

I already know how my life will go.

Mr. Monitor

Zine Philosophy

Jason and the Comics

Deleted Zines

Introducing Sarah Steinberg

Error State

Editor’s Note

NYC Roadtrip 12 – Get on the bus!

Back From New York

Hungry for Exposure

DIY Guerilla Fun

Making Change … One Project at a Time

A Lovely Picnic

Folio by Solen Lastennet

Is Ruining my Life by Dave Proctor

Texas Bound by J Jack Unrau

Excerpt: This Kitty

Excerpt: Lose

Back & Forth

Darryl’s Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival

On The Prowl

Mail Art Olympix

The Indie Store Revival

Nerd Girl Pinups


An Interview with Kaie Kellough

Philip Quinn’s The Skeleton Dance


Grease Lightning

The Winter of Art’s Discontent

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