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From Paint to Pixels

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Note: Indie game designer and educator Benjamin Rivers (featured in the story below) will be delivering an eight-minute indie talk at this year’s Canzine Symposium on Saturday October 20, along with many other creators, artists, writers and performers. To learn more and register for this brand-new event, please click here. by Derek Winkler Six people […]

Long Days, Pretty Nights

Us humans always seem to revolve around the same pains and pleasures, and it’s the objective of art to make them fresh so we can learn about them anew, and maybe help each other through them. Long Days, Pretty Nights is a work of art in this vein. It’s a short-short double comic from Bee […]

Little Gardens for Invalids

Bee Lavery writes comics that are like an alternative love ballad. Her hand is shaky as she draws, but the lines are clean and the white spaces feel filled with airy light. It’s an intimate style, filled with the delicacy and hush of amateur art. It’s the perfect medium for Lavery to express her doubts, […]

Glaze, High Falootin #2

As a compilation of comics and drawings done by the author, this zine is more like random hiccups based off of modern society than the comic book you think it is. While the presentation is prettier than most, the red paper makes it hard to read, and I found myself squinting most of the time. […]

Gladhand #2

I’m a big fan of zines with theme and purpose. Yes, I know, that’s truly unreasonable. So, I’m going to try to be fair to Gladhand and LB, its mysterious creator. This is a far-ranging, meandering collection of comics, starting off with a robotic boomerang kid and ending with, well, the end of the world. […]

Entropy, Part Two

Just where the hell do we come from? The question of our origins has both baffled and captivated people for as long as we’ve been bumbling around on this planet. Scientists research it; philosophers mull over it; ministers preach about it and comic book artists, well, entertain it. For them, not knowing is a free […]

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