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Film Review: X-Ray Visions: A Look Inside Portland’s Legendary X-Ray Cafe

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X-Ray Cafe was an all ages nightclub in Portland, Oregon that housed a wild variety of events such as bands, art projects, classes and workshops, sewing circles, poetry nights… the list goes on. But the cafe only lasted until 1994 due to a riot and, the usual story for anything good and independently run, lack […]

Film Review: Worn shorts

Worn magazine called out to contributors, friends and fans of fabric to create a video explaining their relationship with fashion. The best in this collection of twelve videos of varying film quality and intrigue give us a look into people’s closets and photo albums or take us on zany rides with stop motion shoes and […]

Film Review: A Hundred Dollars & A T-shirt: A Documentary About Zines in the Northwest

This is a great resource for anyone who wants a little context for the existence of zines. The narrative in A Hundred Dollars and a T-Shirt is made up of a large collection of interviews with people in the Northwest US zine scene, discussing the ins and outs of zine making and the comm-unity around […]

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With editorial sects now sprawling to Montreal, New York and Los Angeles, this Toronto-based fiction site is “dedicated to finding a new way to publish short fiction.” This fledgling enterprise was started by Emily Schultz and Brian Joseph Davis in Toronto earlier this year.

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A web portal and network of information, tools, and resources for the artist and creative communities geared towards the starving artist with tons of helpful links and editorial type diary entries.

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A non-profit, weekly, Toronto-based, online magazine that focuses on arts, culture, and humour with an assorted dosage of film, comics, lifestyle, music, television, and general online intrigue.

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Music Review: Zodiac — Murderworld

Music Review: Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains — American Names EP

Music Review: Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People — Dinosaur Power

Music Review: Disguises — Post-Mortem Depression

Music Review: Braintoy — Vehicles

Book Review: The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need

Book Review: The Customer is Always Wrong, Retail Chronicles

Listen Again: A Momentary History of Pop Music

Book Review: Imperfect Penance

Book Review: Shuck

Book Review: Blood Pudding

Book Review: Mother Superior

Book Review: As Good as Dead

Book Review: Suddenly the Minotaur

Book Review: Blasted

Book Review: The Withdrawal Method

Book Review: We Could Be Like That Couple…

Book Review: Fly on the Wall

Book Review: Squishy

Book Review: In the Garden of Men

Book Review: Skin Room

Book Review: The Humbugs Diet

Book Review: I.V. Lounge Nights

Book Review: The Show That Smells

Book Review: Winter Tennis

Book Review: Fond

Book Review: The Debaucher

Book Review: The North End Poems

Book Review: BirchSplitBark

Book Review: Troubled

Book Review: Kissing Dead Girls

Book Review: The Love Song of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Book Review: Dead Cars in Managua

Book Review: The Red Element

Book Review: Found

Book Review: Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems

Book Review: Water Strider

Book Review: TMNT Volume 4, #29

Backpage: Pictorial Profile: Becky Johnson


I already know how my life will go.

The Geofriends

Column: Zine Philosophy

Column: Deleted Zines Digging the dirt on ex-zinesters

Column: Jason and the Comics

Column: Introducing Sarah Steinberg

Column: Editor’s Note

Artist in Residence: David McGimpsey

Folio: Lover’s Spit Zine

Fiction: Heartbreak for Dummies

Fiction: Yes Man

Fiction: Jonny’s Mid-Life Crisis Report: Entry #7

Fiction: Band Names

Excerpt: Fear of Fighting

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