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The Winking Circle

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This DVD zine documentary-cum-manifesto totally sucks and is actually pretty cool at the same time. It has qualities of Ned Flanders and Bart Simpson and is both cult recruitment propaganda and an open invitation to do your own thing. The primary problem with this video is the creepy (fictional?) quasi-beatnik family who appear throughout the […]

Novel Amusements #5-Games and Shames

As I watch the new issue of Novel Amusements I witness all 8-bits of our favourite, heroic plumber Mario unravel, allowing me a glance into the stressed and painful mind of a man constantly caught between podoboos (fireballs) and sewer dives. This is hard to watch. This is Mario’s Pain-a new short featured in Jim […]

Golden Showers on Dundas Square

In Golden Showers on Dundas Square, young activists take down their pants and pee on the cement of this downtown Toronto square. They justify their actions by calling the public plaza a toilet bowl. Since its unveiling, the square has been a target for criticism and numerous protests. With corporate content all over its seven […]

Drawing Restraint 9

Drawing Restraint 9 is the anticipated collaboration between Matthew Barney and his girlfriend Björk. The Drawing Restraint series started back in 1987 when Barney was still a student. The idea behind the series is to perform while subject to some form of restraint, like the confinement of a half dozen brawling satyrs in the back […]

King of the Corner

When an actor who frequents Hollywood screens steps off to make an indie film, is it good? Yes and no. As snobby subscribers to indie and lo-fi culture, do we automatically think large-scale productions are a generalized smear of bad taste? Yes and no. Because if we do then this time, we’re wrong. This movie […]

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price is a great tool to get people who shop at the multi-billion dollar juggernaut retailer to think twice before doing so. Wal-Mart… is a meticulously put together documentary that shows how shopping in these box stores not only harms the communities where they are located, but the world […]

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